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contents Acknowledgments vii Introduction ix lisa dombrowski On Kazan the Man 1 jeanine basinger The Quiet Side of Kazan 13 kent jones Elia Kazan, Seen from 1973 25 jonathan rosenbaum “The Director, That Miserable Son of a Bitch” Kazan, Viva Zapata! and the Problem of Authority 37 leo braudy Mr. Kazan Goes to Washington A Case Study in Misguided Ambivalence 49 victor navasky Man on a Tightrope Kazan as Liberal Anticommunist 56 brenda murphy “Independence” and the“Art Film” Baby Doll and After 75 brian neve The Search for Humor and Humanity in Baby Doll and A Face in the Crowd 87 sam wasson A Straight Director’s Queer Eye 1951–1961 103 mark harris The Other Side of the Story Elia Kazan as Director of Female Pain 116 savannah lee Documentary and Democracy in Boomerang! and Panic in the Streets 133 andrew tracy Elia Kazan and the Semidocumentary Composing Urban Space 148 patrick keating Choreographing Emotions Kazan’s CinemaScope Staging 163 lisa dombrowski Lost River 181 richard schickel Late Kazan, or The Ambiguities 189 haden guest Filmography as Director 201 Select Bibliography 205 Contributors 209 Index 211 ...


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