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237 such assets and any income derived therefrom in the hands of any individual, or any corporation or organization as provided in section 8 of this Act, shall be subject to the same taxes, State and Federal, as in the case of non-Indians, except that any valuation for purposes of Federal income tax on gains or losses shall take as the basis of the particular taxpayer the value of the property on the date title is transferred by the United States pursuant to section 8 of this Act. Sec. 10. When title to the property of the tribe has been transferred, as provided in section 8 of this Act, the Secretary shall publish in the Federal Register an appropriate proclamation of that fact. Thereafter individual members of the tribe shall not be entitled to any of the services performed by the United States for Indians because of their status as Indians, all statutes of the United States which affect Indians because of their status as Indians shall no longer be applicable to the members of the tribe, and the laws of the several States shall apply to the tribe and its members in the same manner as they apply to other citizens or persons within their jurisdiction . Nothing in this Act shall affect the status of the members of the tribe as citizens of the United States. Sec. 11. Prior to the transfer pursuant to section 8 of this Act, the Secretary shall protect the rights of members of the tribe who are less than eighteen years of age, non compos mentis, or in the opinion of the Secretary in need of assistance in conducting their affairs, by causing the appointment of guardians for such members in courts of competent jurisdiction, or by such other means as he may deem adequate. Sec. 12. The Secretary is authorized and directed to promulgate such rules and regulations as are necessary to effectuate the purposes of this Act. Sec. 13. If any provision of this Act, or the application thereof to any person or circumstance , is held invalid, the remainder of the Act and the application of such provision to other persons or circumstances shall not be affected thereby. [U.S. Statutes at Large, 68:250–52.] 150. Transfer of Indian Health Services August 5, 1954 In order to provide better health facilities for the Indians, hospitals and health care were transferred from the Bureau of Indian Affairs to the Public Health Service of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare. An Act To transfer the maintenance and operation of hospital and health facilities for Indians to the Public Health Service, and for other purposes. Be it enacted . . . , That all functions, responsibilities , authorities, and duties of the Department of the Interior, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Secretary of the Interior, and the Commissioner of Indian Affairs relating to the maintenance and operation of hospital and health facilities for Indians, and the conservation of the health of Indians, are hereby transferred to, and shall be administered by, the Surgeon General of the United States Public Health Service, under the supervision and direction of the Secretary of Health, Education , and Welfare: Provided, That hospitals now in operation for a specific tribe or tribes of Indians shall not be closed prior to July 1, 1956, without the consent of the governing body of the tribe or its organized council. Sec. 2. Whenever the health needs of the Indians can be better met thereby, the Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare is authorized in his discretion to enter into contracts with any State, Territory, or political subdivision thereof, or any private nonprofit corporation, agency or institution providing for the transfer by the United States Public Health Service of Indian hospitals or health facilities, including initial operating equipment and supplies. It shall be a condition of such transfer that all facilities transferred shall be available to meet the health needs of the Indians and that such health needs shall be given priority over those of the non-Indian population . No hospital or health facility that 238 has been constructed or maintained for a specific tribe of Indians, or for a specific group of tribes, shall be transferred by the Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare to a non-Indian entity or organization under this Act unless such action has been approved by the governing body of the tribe, or by the governing bodies of a majority of the tribes, for which such hospital...


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