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Keep breathing Myself, so I say it in secret In steam: Forgive me, butterflies: I know you have to have All this heat for your colors, but you are breathless, too, In spite ofyour breathing Wings and God help me I must say it before I melt Into the sugar-sick ground: Ifwe could do it Without dimming the butterflies, we should find some way To get on the good side ofNorth: Yes North and enough Cold: Yes cold And snow! I've heard ofit! Flakes lilting onto us! Life light on the common grave Shapeless with swelter! Every tongue ofus out To be new to that taste! Mountains ofrain Gone into feather-fall Floating us out ofit! But not dimming not fading The butterflies or the hats and handkerchiefs. Let the wings on our mirrors In whatever falls Keep burning and us, Lord, pleaseAnd us in the dresses and shirts. TheOne No barometer but yellow Forecast ofwide fields that they give out Themselves, giving out they stand In total freedom, The One / 439 And will stand and day is down all ofit On an ear ofcorn. One. The color one: One, nearly transparent With existence. The tree at the fence must be kept Outside, between winds; let it wait. Its movement, Any movement, is not In the distillation. Block it there. Let everything bring it To an all-time stop just short ofnew Wind just short Ofits leaves; its other leaves. One. Inside. Yellow. All others not. One. One. The Three I alone, solemn land clear, clean land, See your change, just as you give up part Ofyour reality: a scythe-sighing flight oflow birds now being gone: I, oversouling for an instant With them, I alone See you as more than you would have Be seen, yourself: grassland, The EagleJs Mile / 440 ...


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