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On thousand-pound boulders that sensitize the water Like a skin, like banner-cloth, And scrape with the weight and authority ofthe dead On the floor ofthe human house, And in his relaxed biceps will comprehend how the snake's Body is one with the heart Ofthe current, and how his abandoned oars must stand Signifying a triumph, So that he can roll, in a long mind-motion, the river Up like a bolt ofcloth, Snipping it offat the sea, and store it on land In a camphored clothes closet In its huge red impure length ofblazing mud and movement, Bronze suns, dim clouds Ofrocks, and all the surprising flashes ofthings that never Cease to stream, And thus, a rare hand dropped offthe balancing chair side As on a snake's back, Feeling the world go unopposedly where it will, may sit In an uncontrollable And wholly justified dance ofpure acceptance On the grains ofthe mountain, Drifting round and round a great foaming banner, unfurled On all four walls While two named handkerchiefs flutter at his surpassed frontier. Adam in Winter This road is a river, white Ofits slow-frozen light. Not treading on earth, I walk The turnpike ofa dream, Pursuing the buried stream The fell beneath the snow. I feel its waters grow Adam in Winter / I7 Thick ice to bear me up, But now I have knelt down. But now I have knelt down As ifI swam out ofthe sky, Or fell with tremendous force Ofgentleness, like snow, Toward a thing I know. Last night I turned and found I lay with a rifled wound. That bone completes me; I Must kneel with thegentle snow. Some hand has entered the snow To rummage me where I lay. My rib has been plucked away And taken to Heaven, or Flung down on the icy floor. A voice said, "Follow the river." I have followed; now I hover Near something the flakes half-hide That has comefrom my sleeping side. It has come from my sleeping side, Some being that could not be Made ofanything other than me: Whose curve my heart fits in. I lift the light bone in my palm And feel my whole body grow warm. Exhaling my soul out, bare, My lungs take shape in the air. My rib moves in my hand. My rib moves in my hand, And all my other ribs move. I whisper the warning oflove. A great image stirs in my breath, Denying the body ofdeath. She stands in the shape ofmy lungs. My heart beats like her wings, Yet breath fades from my sight. My mouth no longer sheds light. Summons / I8 My mouth no longer sheds light, Though I laugh with a magical sound That heals my amazing wound. All things grow warm in this place. The green river trembles its ice. She comes to me weeping, as if She came to return my life, Though purity dies, and I feel The ice turn sick at my heel. Lazarus to theAssembled It is you who have made light crawl And become the hot, caved-in brightness Where I lie without shadow or weight Inside the whole weight ofthe hill, Now, thinking, "Alive. Alive shortly. I cannot stay here with this." As the stone rolled away I heard you frightenedly speak As though you had hidden the dead. I can, you cannot know That this cannot be done. I move; you try to be still, But now I begin to feel YOur movementset in, like aforest By a miracle touched at the roots. My life, coming back, runs through Body after body among you, And as far as the heart ofthe city. In the dark ofa jar in the market Clear water as helplessly shakes. By stirrings such as these I return. I am the dead new-born. From the mouth ofthe cave, the sun Comes into my mouth, And I can devour all light. The water in wells Lazarus to the Assembled / I9 ...


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