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| 283 47. Bat1 bat had three wives with whom he camped. at daylight he went hunting deer and came home at night. When he came home he said, “Put sand on the fire. I do not want you to make a fire.” He went hunting again. When he came home at night, the women wanted the meat. Bat said, “You keep the fire away from me.” He said, “I have grease for you.” In the daylight he went again while the women stayed home. They said, “We do not know what is the matter with him; he does not want fire.” They shredded some bark for tinder and put it by the fire in order to start it when he should return so that they could see what he had been doing. When he came home he said, “I bring the grease again. Put sand on the fire.” The women all put sand on the fire. He came in, put down his pack, and after he had stayed a while the women built a fire. They saw Bat; he was very ugly. They were afraid so they ran out and flew into the sky where they became stars. Then they saw Bat no more.| notes | 1. Told by Manakadja; interpreted by Lillie Burro; recorded by E. G., 1921. ...


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