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282 | 46. Deer Tricks Coyote1 coyote saw that deer had two fawns colored white and dark all over. They looked very pretty. Coyote asked Deer, “How did you make your fawns like that? They look very pretty.” Deer answered, “Oh, I made a fire with plenty of smoke. The smoke colored them.” Coyote went home. After a while she gave birth to three whelps. Then Coyote made a fire in a hole, put her babies in it, and sealed it up. The little coyotes in the hole were being suffocated and they cried, “Ka, kaka.” Coyote said, “Stop your crying. I will make you look pretty.” In a little while the coyotes stopped crying, so she took the fire away and pulled the babies out. They were all dead. Coyote said, “That is a very bad deer. She told me a lie and I killed all my babies.”| notes | 1. Told by Manakadja; interpreted by Lillie Burro; recorded by E. G., 1921. Compare Havasuapi (Yuman) Texts. ...


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