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278 | 43. The Bungling Host Strikes His Head1 wolf was camping alone when coyote came to see him. Coyote said, “My uncle, I wanted to see you very much, so I came. I am glad to see you.” Wolf said “I am very glad to see you, too. You may stay here, but I have nothing to eat. I have no woman to gather wild seeds to cook. But stay here.” After a while Wolf took a bowl, which he filled with water. Then he took a big stone and, pounding his head behind the ear, made seeds fall into the water. He gave this to Coyote to drink. Coyote drank it up and lay down to sleep with Wolf. In the morning he started for his own camp. Wolf pounded more seeds out of his head, put them in a sack, and gave them to Coyote to take home. Coyote left. When he had gone but a little way, he stopped and said, “My uncle, I want you to come to my camp to see me after four days.” Wolf remained there. After four days he said to himself, “I want to go to see my nephew; that is what he told me to do.” Wolf set out looking for Coyote’s camp. When he arrived he sat with Coyote, who, after a time, said, “I have nothing to eat at my camp. I have nothing to give you to eat.” After a while Coyote took a bowl, filled it with water, and pounded his head with a stone. He fell dead in the water. Wolf saw him lying dead. Then he picked him up, put him in the fire, and returned home.| notes | 1. Told by Manakadja; interpreted by Lillie Burro; recorded by E. G., 1921. ...


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