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| 275 42. Turkey1 many indians were living together. turkey had a wife. He went hunting cottontails and jackrabbits which he roasted. The next day he hunted again. Turkey’s wife said, “Our house is too cold; we cannot stay here. When it is cold, I feel sick.” Every morning she went to another camp while Turkey went hunting. She always told Turkey at whose camp she stayed. One day she went to the camp of Tadi’θa [a small yellow bird]. She roasted some seeds; then she said, “I want to go to another camp. It is too cold for me here,” and she went away. But Turkey stayed at home and thought how his wife went away every day. He thought he would go to see how she went around to the Indians’ camps all day. Then Turkey went to Tadi’θa’s camp and looked in through the roof. He saw that there were many women in the house, and Tadi’θa had intercourse with all of them, Turkey’s wife among them. When Turkey saw this, he ran back home. He lay down in his camp and did not go hunting any more. After a while Turkey’s wife came home. She brought some seeds and made mush for him. Turkey refused to eat it. In the morning he ate nothing but went off to hunt. He neither ate nor talked. His wife cooked for him, but he did not eat, so she threw away the food. Then she said, “What is the matter with you that you do not eat what I cook? I always throw it away.” Turkey said, “You always go away to other camps. You never stay at home to work for yourself. You always go to Tadi’θa’s camp; I saw what you did there. That is why I do not eat what you cook.” And Turkey said, “I saw you in Tadi’θa’s house. I do not like to have you here when you do that. You go to Tadi’θa and marry him.” “Oh no, I do not do anything in Tadi’θa’s house. I just work there.” Then Turkey got very angry and said, “I will go away. I will not stay any longer.” 276 | part ii He tied up his things and got ready to leave. When he had gone about two miles his wife came up with him. He said, “You stay and marry the Indians,” but she walked along with him. Turkey killed a few rabbits and roasted them when he camped for the night. He ate it all and gave his wife none. Next morning he went on and his wife walked along behind him. In the evening he killed a rabbit and camped overnight. The next morning he said to his wife, “You had better go back and cook something for those Indians. I am going a long way; you might die.” “All those Indians, my nephews, will not do anything to [for?] me,” his wife said. The next morning before he started he said, “You go back to the Indians.” But she would not go, she followed Turkey. He killed a jackrabbit but he gave none to his wife. The next morning he set out again. He killed a cottontail and a jackrabbit. He camped somewhere, roasted and ate them, but he gave none to his wife. After eating, Turkey lay down. His wife wanted to sleep with him but Turkey would not let her. His wife was cold; she made a fire and sat by it. She had nothing to eat; she was very hungry. The next morning he started out and said to his wife, “I want you to go back. They might kill me.” And again he killed some rabbits but he gave none to his wife. Again he would not let her sleep with him. Turkey said to his wife, “I want you to go back. I will get into much snow now. You might get cold and die there. You see those big clouds over there? I am going where it is very cold. You might die.” The next morning he went along again and killed a rabbit, but he gave his wife nothing. He always told her to go back but she always went along with him. And still he gave his wife no food. At night when he lay down, his wife wanted to sleep with him, but he wrapped up in his...


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