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260 | 39. Coyote and Wolf Kill Bear1 wolf and coyote camped somewhere. they had nothing to eat. They wanted something to eat very much. Coyote went to where Bear lived with her two children. Bear had not come home; only the two little children were there. Coyote put them on the bed and covered them up. Then Bear came home and put tobacco in her pipe and smoked. Bear warmed herself by smoking. Coyote stayed back of the children’s bed so that Bear did not see him. Coyote saw Bear doing this and said that he would like to do it too. Coyote embraced Bear, and Bear clawed flesh off his back. When the little bears woke up, Bear held up the flesh from Coyote’s back. Coyote said, “That is not my back; that is your paint sack.” Coyote ran back to his camp and was very sick. Wolf watched him but did not say anything. When daylight came, Wolf said to Coyote, I told you to go to my aunt, Bear, for something to eat, but you did not mind when I told you. You did something wrong over there.” He asked Coyote what he did to her. Coyote said, “I did nothing to her, but she wanted me to get wood for her and I fell down and hurt my back.” Wolf said, “No, you did something wrong over there, I think.” Coyote said, “No, I just went after wood and I fell down while I was holding a big piece.” Then Wolf took a deer’s back and put it on Coyote, making it smooth. After he fixed the back and the piece had remained there a long time, Wolf said, “Now, Coyote, you go again and ask my aunt for something to eat, but you must do nothing wrong over there.” Then Coyote and Wolf took some deer blood and broke up small rocks and crystals, put them in the blood, and roasted it in a big fire. They took this to Bear to kill her. When they brought this to Bear’s coyote and wolf kill bear | 261 house, Bear was away getting seeds. The children were at home when Coyote came. Coyote killed the two babies and laid them on the bed and covered them up. Coyote got deer meat and the deer blood he had used to kill the babies. Wolf had told Coyote, “When Bear comes home you give her the things you brought to her.” Coyote stayed there until the Bear came home. Then Coyote gave her the things which he had and said, “My aunt, I have some things for you this time.” Bear took the things. When she swallowed the mass, the sharp fragments cut her throat and killed her. She lay down and died. Wolf said, “When they are killed you must not spill the blood, but bring them all right here and we shall eat them.” Coyote butchered them and, throwing away the entrails, carried the rest away. While Coyote was going away, he thought of the things he had thrown away, so after he had gone a mile he came back to get them. He could not find them. He ran all around and still he could not find them. He saw only his own track. He ran back, but he had lost all he had and had only the rope he had used for tying. Coyote said to Wolf when he came home, “I did what you told me. I killed everybody. I cut something over there and I ran back to get it and I lost it.” Wolf did not say anything; he just slept. When daylight came, Wolf said, “I told you something and I thought you would mind me. You got into trouble again.” Then Wolf did not say anything; he just stayed there. Then he said, “I do not know what we are going to do with Bear.” Wolf said, “We want to make arrows and make them sharp. We shall try Bear; call to her. We will make a deep hole in the sand. Well, we shall try to do that.” They made a very deep hole and they put an arrow down in it. Wolf told Coyote, “The Bear will come south, for there is snow and it is pretty cold. You stand here by the hole. Do not warm yourself by a fire. Stand there and whistle and dance.” They stood there and whistled. The wind...


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