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228 | 31. Turkey’s Revenge (second version)1 a girl named ikaθuaia married an indian. they camped somewhere. She found some seeds and ground them. Her husband just lay down near the metate and ate the seeds as she ground them. The girl got angry and knocked the boy’s hand away. She said, “You have no father and no mother to cook for you, but I feed you every day. The enemy killed your father and mother.” The boy did not answer. He went out and hunted some rabbit and jackrabbits. While he was away the girl cooked something for her husband, but he did not eat it He just lay down and in the morning he went away again. The girl always cooked but her husband would not eat it. For four days this happened. She always threw the food away because it spoiled. Then the boy said, “I thought you used to cook something for me and I ate that. But then you just talked back at me, and told me my father and mother were killed, and I felt very bad. That is why I did not eat your cooking. Now I will go over to the enemy, and see where they camp. You told me I did not kill them.” He made pants, shirt, and moccasins, and a net (saf’koba). He started to go to see where the enemy camped. He went by and saw many Indians there. He went away and lay down. When daylight came he went out and set a big net all around the enemy camp. He stood by the door and when they came out he hit them on the head with a stick. The enemy tried to run away by climbing over the fence, but they could not do it. He killed all those Indians when they came out. When he had killed them all, he went back. He thought, “I do not want to sleep here. I will go over to my wife’s camp in one day and not sleep on the way.” turkey’s revenge (second version) | 229 He started to run as fast as he could. He hit his wife’s house with his stick. His wife flew right out and fell down somewhere. He was very angry. Then he saw his wife lying over there. When she woke up, he said, “Did you hear what I did? That is what you wanted me to do. I want to kill you, but I will not. I just woke you up. You talk bad to me.”| notes | 1. Told by Manakadja; interpreted by Lillie Burro; recorded by E. G., 1921. ...


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