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190 | 22. Bear and Mountain Lion (first version)1 bear and his wife had children born to them. bear used to leave camp and spend all his time hunting. He hunted deer but could not kill any; all he could catch were badgers. Whenever he killed one, he did not bring it home. He roasted it in the ground, right where he killed it. He ate all the meat by himself, leaving only the bones. These he tied together and carried home. Bear’s wife mashed them on her grinding stone. They always did this. Whenever the woman mashed the bones, she thought she was not being properly treated. She felt very angry. Bear’s wife knew that another man, Mountain Lion, killed deer. She thought she would like to be married to him. So she went over to his house and married him. The woman said, “This is the sort of man I like. You are a pretty good man. You have plenty of deer meat.” So she married Mountain Lion and stayed with him. She was glad, because they had plenty of meat. Bear went off hunting again. While he was gone, that women went to Mountain Lion’s house. When Bear came home, his wife was gone; she was not at home. He asked his children, “Where did the woman go?” They said, “We just saw her going that way,” pointing. Bear tracked her, following until he got to Mountain Lion’s house. Bear asked Mountain Lion, “My woman ran away from me.” “I did not see any woman,” Mountain Lion said. Bear asked several times, but Mountain Lion said each time, “I did not see any woman.” Bear said, “Yes, her track led right in your house.” Mountain Lion said, “Yes, she is in here.” The woman spoke to Bear; she said, “He whom I married is a good man. He has lots of things I like. I do not want to go back to your place any more.” She said this many times to Bear; finally Bear became angry. bear and mountain lion (first version) | 191 Bear talked angrily: “I want to fight,” he said. Mountain Lion said, “All right.” Bear was standing just outside the door of Mountain Lion’s house. “Hurry up,” he said, “Come out and we will fight.” Mountain Lion said, “Wait, I am not ready. I am going to wear a hard rock all over my body. I am ready now. I am coming out.” “Are you ready?” he asked after he came out. As soon as Mountain Lion came out of the door, Bear rushed at him, tore him to pieces, and threw them away. Then Bear stood right beside the door. Meanwhile his wife was way down inside Mountain Lion’s house. He called to her, “Come right out. We will go home.” Mountain Lion was broken to pieces and these lay scattered around. He died, but he came to life again. He walked quietly up behind Bear. Mountain Lion jumped right on Bear, and did just what Bear had done to him. He tore him to pieces and threw them away. Bear died. Then Mountain Lion went right into his house. By and by Bear came to life again, stood at the door, and called Mountain Lion. As Mountain Lion came out, Bear did the same thing to him again, killing him. Then Bear wanted the woman to come out and go home with him. The woman said, “No, this is a good man I have married. I do not want to go back to your house. The man I married has lots of good things. I wear them. Look at me; I will show you what I wear,” and she showed him her dress, her moccasins, and other things. As Bear talked to the woman, Mountain Lion came to life again and came up quietly. Again he rushed, seized on Bear, and, tearing him to pieces, threw them away. Bear died. Then Mountain Lion went into his house. Bear came to life and again he stood by the door. Mountain Lion said, “How many times will you come to life after I kill you?” Bear said, “I will come to life four times. How many times will you come to life?” Mountain Lion said, “I will come to life eight times.” Then Mountain Lion came out, and again Bear did the same thing, and scattered parts of Mountain Lion’s body all about. Mountain Lion came...


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