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184 | part ii 21. The Water-Elk (second version)1 wolf and his nephew, coyote, were on this side of a big water [the ocean] staying with many Indians. Wolf said, “We are tired of staying here with the Indians. We should like to go a long way to get things to make moccasins. We use the back of jackrabbits for strings for moccasins now. We want buckskin and we want plenty to eat. We will move in four days.” Wolf said, “My nephew Coyote, you take the beads (apu’k) and play with them. Maybe the Indians will take [win] your things away.” Then Coyote took the beads and went to play with the Indians. They beat him. He came back and said, “We are going to go now.” Wolf said, “No, not yet. I did not mean four days; I meant four years. In four years we will start to go.” “Now, four years are past and we are ready to go,” said Wolf. Then he started to get his things, to tie them up and put them on his back. Wolf said, “Now, my nephew, I want you to go and get a mouse to eat; then we will camp somewhere.” They slept there and in the morning they went on again. They wanted something to eat. Wolf said, “Well, my nephew, tonight we want something to eat.” Wolf saw a rabbit running. He whistled and the rabbit dropped dead. Then Wolf said to Coyote, “We do not want to eat it all. We do not want the blood and the entrails. We will bury them here where we camp.” In the morning they started again. When they started to go they saw jackrabbits running. Wolf whistled again and a jackrabbit dropped dead. They did the same again; they buried the entrails. Wolf said, “Coyote, remind me not to eat those things because we want to catch things by whistling.” In the morning they started on again. They saw another jackrabbit . Wolf whistled and caught the jackrabbit. They started to go. the water-elk (second version) | 185 Wolf said to Coyote, “We must go somewhere where we can get big buckskin and plenty to eat. That is why we are traveling.” They went along and killed another jackrabbit. They roasted and ate it, but again they buried the entrails where they had slept. They moved again and caught another jackrabbit by whistling. They roasted and ate it, and again they buried the entrails. In the morning they started to go again. Wolf went ahead of Coyote. Coyote thought of the buried entrails in the camp; he ran back and ate them. Then Coyote ran on as fast as he could. They saw a jackrabbit again and Wolf whistled, but he could not catch him this time. Wolf became hungry and could not get anything to eat. In the night Wolf became angry. At daylight he said to Coyote, “I thought you would heed me when I talked to you. I think you took what we buried at the camp. Now we shall get no more to eat.” They moved again and saw a jackrabbit. Wolf whistled but could not get him. They became hungry. They slept at a camp and then moved along again. Wolf said, “Now when we find a good place, we shall stay there and camp.” They camped at the Colorado River, but they had nothing to eat. Wolf said, “Coyote, I want you to make a fire and I shall try to get something under the water, some fish, to roast.” Wolf went into the water and the fish stuck to him all over. He took them off and roasted them. They ate them, for they were very hungry. They went along the big river, fishing. They went to [toward?] Hua’lagasia’va [Powell Plateau]. Wolf fished again at their camp and they roasted the fish and ate them. Wolf called to the fish. They went along the river. When the sun went down Wolf made a big fire and said, “Coyote, I want you to go into the water and get some fish for supper tonight.” Coyote went in and tried to get fish. He took off his breechclout. The fish smelled him and all went away; he did not catch any. They became hungry again; they slept. Wolf said nothing to Coyote, but in the daylight he talked to Coyote, saying, “I want you to heed me when I tell you...


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