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156 | 17. Wolf’s Boy (second version)1 wolf and coyote camped somewhere all alone. every morning they went to hunt deer. Wolf wanted to get married, so he went to a place where the Indians camped. He wanted some girl to marry him, but the girls did not like him. So Wolf came back to his own camp and said to Coyote, “I want to marry a woman so she can cook for us when we come back from hunting. But the girls do not like me.” Then Wolf said, “My nephew, I want you to cook something to eat and I will start to go hunting again. We have no ground seeds, only meat, because that is easy to cook.” The next morning Wolf went away, but he did not hunt, he just went to a little water hole. He sat down by the water and when the sun was low he came back to his camp. The next morning he went off again, but he did not hunt. He went to the water and sat there. He had put something into the water. When the sun was down he pounded his moccasins and wore off his arrow points on the rocks and then he came back to camp. He said, “My nephew, I thought you would heed what I tell you. I went around all day and hunted fast, so that my moccasins are worn out and my arrow points are all gone.” In the daylight Wolf talked again to Coyote, “I want you to make me moccasins and fix my arrow points.” Then he started off to hunt again. He went to the waterhole. When he was gone a little while, Coyote went to watch him. Wolf went to the place where he had put something into the water and found a tiny baby there. He took it out, wrapped it in a skin, and put it in a hole in the rocks. He covered the opening with stones. Then he went hunting. Coyote had hidden a little way off and saw what Wolf did with the baby. He said, “Oh, what has he been doing there?” After Wolf had gone away Coyote wolf’s boy (second version) | 157 went over and looked at the baby. He took the baby out and ran back to camp with it. Wolf came back from hunting with two deer on his back. They cut off some meat, cooked it and ate it. When it was dark Coyote said, “Listen, my uncle, there is a mouse somewhere. She is gnawing on our buckskins.” Coyote had put the baby on the buckskins and told him to make that noise. Wolf did not think that Coyote had found that baby. Coyote said all the time that he heard something, and Wolf answered, “I think you have gone over there and taken what I put in the rocks. That is what I think.” Then after a while Coyote got up and went after the baby. He brought it out and showed it to Wolf. He said, “This is my little boy.” But Wolf answered, “You have no wife. That baby is your brother. That is my little boy. I put abalone shell (halgato’pa) in the water and made the baby that way. I shall call him Kr avasu’halgato’pa (Blue Abalone).” Wolf made the baby that way because the girls would not marry him. “I want to see if the girls will not like my boy,” Wolf said. In the morning Wolf started to hunt deer again and brought home two bucks. Wolf always brought two deer. Coyote stayed at the camp and took care of the little baby. He cooked something and fed him. The child grew. Wolf said to Coyote: “Coyote, you run races with him, so that he will become a good runner. Do this in the daylight, not in the morning.” The little boy got big, and he had such long hair that it hung to the ground. Wolf said, “Coyote, you go and get soapweed and wash him with that, then paint him.” The boy looked very fine and Wolf said, “You look fine; we have a pretty boy. Maybe the girls will take him away from me.” The boy sat down on a blanket. Wolf said to Coyote, “I have pretty moccasins hidden over there. You get them and put them on my boy,” and Coyote put them on him. Wolf said, “I made pants...


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