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| 147 15. The People Become Rocks (second version)1 the first pinnacle [c] was a man in the days of menanimals ; the second was his wife [D]. (I do not know where that pair lived: perhaps on the point above Austin’s house [B], perhaps down below on the west side of the canyon above Navajo Falls.) The man said, “I am going out of the canyon up onto the plateau.” He walked along, wanting to go out. He had his bedding and belongings in a big bundle which he carried on his back. He also carried his baby there. The baby sat on top of the bundle. He walked along the sandstone bench. The man stood right up there and turned his head to look for the woman, but he did not see her. The woman was far behind, sitting down, defecating. So she became a rock [D], and the man became a rock too [C]. The man said, “I am a Havasupai man, but I am going to become a rock-man, and stand upright here.” The woman said the same.| notes | 1. Told by Sinyella; interpreted by Jess Chickapanega, 1919. ...


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