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| 145 14. The People Become Rocks (first version)1 the two brothers made catar act canyon. they told the two people [the pinnacles AA´]2 and the married man [C] to be the Havasupai and to stay here. They gave them crops, and told them to farm, and they made caves for them as places to live in. Cataract Canyon was not wide enough to build houses in, so they built the caves in the walls of the canyon. The brothers said, “Here is the corn [F], hang it up there [on the canyon wall]. When you want it, go get it and plant it.” The two people [AA´] had a house nearby. The outer pinnacle [A] is the wife of the inner one [A´], who has down tied to his hair. The married man [C] lived in a cave above Billy Burro’s house [near B]. The man and his wife [AA´] lived on the opposite point. They told the Havasupai that they were living in a house like those of the Hopi and Zuni,3 and that they did not want to go up on the plateau for the winter. They said that they did not know how to build a winter house, and that other man [C] did not know how. In the fall there was no wood down here and people were going to the plateau where they would have sufficient wood for the winter. All the men were going away for the winter. The man [C], his wife [D], and his wife’s mother [E] lived in the cave above Billy’s house. In the fall they wanted to go up on the plateau for the winter. When they were ready they went up the trail in the canyon near their house. The man [C] went first, his wife followed, and after her came her mother. The wife did not want to go up on the plateau, she wanted to stay behind, so she remained there like a rock. And when the man looked around at his wife he too became a rock. Her mother also wanted to stay and so she became a rock too. When that man was ready to go he called over to the other man [A´], “I am ready.” Then that one 146 | part ii and his wife stood up on the point to see them; they were ready to go, too. When they saw the man and the others were rock, they too became rock.| notes | 1. Told by Manakadja; interpreted by Mark Hanna, 1918. 2. These points are indicated on the map of Cataract Canyon accompanying Havasupai Ethnography. 3. There is an inaccessible pile of stones nearby which, as the natives contend, may be part of a house ruin. ...


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