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92 | 10. The Flood (second version)1 frog found a little stream of water to live in. coyote came by and Frog called to him. He came to look, so Frog went under a little rock. Coyote could not see him, so he went back. Then Frog ran under the rock. Again Coyote did not see Frog and he looked around. Then Coyote said, “Who is calling me? Come out, I want to see you.” But Frog would not come out, so Coyote caught him and tore him to pieces and threw them away. When Coyote tore Frog all to pieces, it made rain and snow. It snowed every night and every day. When the snow falls every night and every day for ten or twenty days, there is going to be rain. It rained every day and every night. Some people said the rain was going to kill all of the people. There was so much water that it was all over the world. Then the old man said he was going to get a big log and with a knife make a hole in it and a little door. Then he put in a little girl. When he put her in it he put some food in it. He shut the door and sealed it up. The people were all drowned. The little girl stayed in the log, lying in the water. When the water had filled up the entire world, she was carried up in the air in the log. After the water had filled the world, it began to go lower and lower. Then the little girl in the log just sat still until the log settled down on the ground. Then she opened the door and came out. She saw every place. She saw the east side of San Francisco Mountain. Then she knew the mountain. She took mud and made a water pot and cup. She made rabbits and some mountains, and antelope, and deer of mud, and threw them where the sun comes up. When she threw them away she said, “You are going to be deer, rabbits, and antelope. You are going to be the flood (second version) | 93 in this land.” She made a man of mud. She made ten or twenty men and threw them where the sun comes up, saying, “I want you to be people here.” While she made the men the ground was getting pretty dry. Then she moved to this side of San Francisco Mountain and lived there. When she moved from the other side of the mountain there were no people near her. She thought she would make a child. Then she raised two boys beside a spring. When they were old enough the two boys left the old woman and traveled somewhere to try to get married. When they got to a camp the people killed both of them. One boy got a wife and she had a child. When he had been married quite a while, and the other had not yet found a woman, the people in the camp killed them both. When both were dead, the wife of one raised a boy. When the boy was old enough, he went to see his grandmother. He stayed there for a long time. Then the old woman went to the west and the boy went to the east. The old woman said, “I shall go to the west; you go to the east and live there.”| notes | 1. Told by Manakadja; interpreted by West; recorded by E. G., 1921. ...


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