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214 Look for palafox in dunes and along sandy roadsides from June to October in the western half of Oklahoma. The individual pink flower heads are less than 1 inch wide and usually appear in small clusters on plants 8 to 16 inches tall. These native plants are often found on sandy soils. There are 2 other species of Palafoxia in Oklahoma, but they are less common and have no ray florets and so are less conspicuous. Sand palafox Palafoxia sphacelata 215 This is the plant claimed by Aldo Leopold to be the signature plant of the tallgrass prairie. It blooms from May to August in the entire body of Oklahoma but has not been found in the Panhandle. Unfortunately, cattle eat this native plant to the ground, so it is usually not found inside fenced areas. The upright stems, 3 to 6 feet tall, bear spikes of 2½- to 3½-inch yellow heads that are slightly sticky to the touch. The compass function refers to the north-south orientation of the huge basal leaves. Compass plant Silphium laciniatum ...


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