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The Last LP 111 5. Full to the Brim All voices by Snow. Rerecorded from loudspeakers several times. 1986. Based on the theme of J.S. Bach's BrandenburgConcerto #6. 6. Klogen Speech Voice(s) by Snow. Recorded in New York City in 1968 or '69. This was Snow's first attempt at "speaking in tongues" and was used in '69, '70, '71 at a birthday party for Jonas Mekas and at several showings of his films as an introductionto the films. SIDEB 1. Mbowunsa Mpahiya All voices by Michael Snow, slightly lowered by tape speed adjustments on Tascam Porta Studio. About 12 layers. 3 tuned "pipe" drums, 2 sizes of torn torn, 1 gallon paint can lid, 1 plastic pail, maracas, bells. Helicopter from a "sound effects" record. 1986-7. 2. Quuiasukpuq Quai Garni Voice, farts, foot stomping, recording by Snow, 1986. 3. Amitabha Chenden Kala Bells and 10 trumpet mouthpiece instrumentsplayed by Snow. Twelve lines. Trumpet with and without Snow-designed mutes, flugelhorn, tuba, plastic funnel, metal funnel, copper tube and rubber funnel, rubber hose with metal funnel. Fire recorded by Snow. 1986-7. 4. Roiakuriluo Voices and dog barks by Snow. Pigs and chickens recorded by Snow. All other bird and animal sound from several recorded sources. 1986-87. 5. RagaLalat Duette Emenee Audion (toy electric organ), voice, Casio PT20 and plastic pail played by Snow. Explosion from a "sound effects" record, 1987. BACK COVER-SIDE A BAND 1. Wu Ting Dee Lin Chao Cheu 6:09 (Announcing the Arrival of the Emperor Wu Ting) The Orchestra of the National Music Institute, Seoul Korea 2. SiNopoDa3:42 (By What Signs Will I Come to Understand?) Women of the Bo-sa-so-sho tribe, Niger, S.E. Africa 3. Ohwachira 9:34 Water ceremony performed by Miantoni and Cree tribespeople, Quebec, Canada 4. I Ching Dee Yen Tzen 3:41 (The Strings of Lova) Tarn Wing Lun on the Hui Tra, Ontario, Canada 5. Pohl'novyessnikh (Full to the Brim) 0:29 Performed by a 16-member male choir, Varda, Carpathia, U.S.S.R. 278 The Collected Writings of Michael Snow 6. Speech in Klogen 2:12 by Okash, Northern Finland SIDEB BAND 1. Mbowunsa Mpahiya 7:59 (Battle Song of Bowunsa) Performed by male members of the Kpam Kpam tribe, Angola, West Africa 2. Quuiasukpuq Quai Garni 2:14 (He Is Happy Because He Came) Performed by Ani'ksa'tuk of the Tornarssuk tribe, Siberia U.S.S.R. 3. Amitabha Chenden Kala 6:32 (The Simultaneous Welcome of Amitabha) Performed by the 12 monks of the Kagyupa Sect, Bhutan 4. Roiakuriluo 9:36 (Dawn Cermony) Performed by Sabane, Elahe, Brazil 5. Raga Lalat 2:53 Performed by Palak Chawal, Benares, India Thanx to Nobuo Kubota and the other members of CCMC, Charlie Morrow, The Four Horsemen for their inspiration. Texts and cover by Michael Snow. Design by M.S. with Micah Lexier. Produced with the assistance of the Canada Council and the Ontario Arts Council. Note 1. This work was to have been the first recording for the ODEON label. ...


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