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250 The Collected Writings of Michael Snow Williams, Rex Stewart, Buck Clayton, Jimmy Rushing and many other notable Swing and Dixieland musicians. Subsequently I played with some of these musicians (andWingy Manone, a New Orleans trumpeter) elsewhere, mostly New York State and Michigan. At the same time I had my own group which played more "modern" music (Thelonious Monk, Charlie Parker). The group usually included Larry Dubin on drums, Terry Forster on bass and Alf Jones on trombone. We played at such places as the House of Hambourg, George's and elsewhere. This group can be seen and heard in Don Owen's 1963 NFB film Toronto Jazz. I lived in New York from '62 to '71 and played mostly at sessions but also some jobs with many fine musicians: Kenny Davern, Roswell Rudd, Milford Graves, Steve Lacy, Pharoah Sanders and others. I had become interested around 1960in extending the means and scope of improvisation, and became involved increasingly with the newer "free" musicians. Returningto Toronto, I started playing with the Artists' Jazz Band, a unique band made up of mostly visual artists who also played (Robert Markle, Graham Coughtry, Gordon Rayner and others). We made two LPs. In the summer of '67, I played weekly concerts at the Penny Farthing with a "free" band including Stu Broomer, Jim Falconbridge and Doug Pringle; in 1975Chatham Square, a New York label, issued a double album of my solo music. Since 1964 I had also become very involved with the sound aspect of my films. I have made sound sculpture and have done sound installations,e.g., Hearing Aid, first installed at the Kitchen in New York and later in various locations in Europe and Canada. I joined the CCMC which, since 1976,has played weekly and biweekly concerts at the Music Gallery, sometimes with such guest musicians as Derek Bailey, Misha Mengelberg and Evan Parker. We have made six tours of Europe (Poland, West Germany , Austria, Belgium, Holland, France and England) and played in several festivals: Pro Musica Festival (Bremen), Los Angeles Olympics Arts Festival, the Holland Festival and a summer residency at Avignon, France. CCMC has issued six albums (CCMC Vols. 1to 5) and a three-record box, Larry Dubin and the CCMC. I'm at present working on a record to be issued in April 1987 by Art Metropole in Toronto titled The Last LP. An Entrance to Redifice mi A pamphlet published by the Isaacs Gallery, Toronto, provided an introductionto one of three works in Snow's exhibition there in October-November 1987. R EDIFICE is a construct whose conceptual ground was derived from the superimposition of a network of thoughts about the colour RED (its embodiments, uses, associations, symbolism(s) and qualities) over a plan and elevation of The Architectural . Blood. REDIFICE is a structure with many "levels," many "rooms," many "windows ." Viewing REDIFICE becomes a narrative film, edited by the spectator, of "frames," objects, scenes and events that (could) take place in such a "high-rise": a classroom? a theatre? an operating room? a living room? a bedroom? an elevator? Birds "brush" by outside 2 windows twice. A nearby night street corner with traffic lights. 3AM? Prostitution. Many uses of light, high-light the choice of a particular wavelength of the spectrum (RED). Lights become actors inside and outside the building, introducing a spatial spectrum: REDIFICE is a spatial enclosure, the Eros and Thanatos of structure, erection and destruction. The concept arrives as words in space (en liberte): ROT, ROSSO, ROUGE, (do they mean "RED"?) becomes 2 dimensional, surfaces, then 2 dimensional space definers, photographs, back-lit transparencies then the real "illusions" of holograms to "tableaux" of flat elements to "tableaux" in-the-round in painted wood, metal, plastic, glass, clay - 3 dimensional, holes and bulges and finally the mass, the 3 dimensional RED "wall" itself. 4 sided: of course there's always an Other side to REDIFICE. REDIFICE is a temporal Bildung, a history of Architectonics, RED arriving, RED ageing, Apartment and Department, the RED wine and the bREAD before drinking and eating, the wine and the bread after consumption. Fire. Arising and a falling. Sunset or Sunrise? A suicide is "drawn" to the ground. Angels float. A here and a Now, a There and a Then. A war-torn no man's land (almost on T.V.). Passion. Politics, Literature (READ), Heat, Meat, Feet, REDesigned, REDevloped, REDolent. My part 2 of Etant Donne. 251 R 252 The Audience mi This text was written in...


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