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100 The Collected Writings of Michael Snow A SERIES OF JOKES: crude enough that some will survivedismemberment. A man got on the elevator in his apartment building. There was a woman in the car and she was completely nude. He was a little taken aback but he said, "My wife has an outfit just like that." (Aunt Rhoda's joke.) MOVE CAMERA SLIGHTLY (on tripod) ON EACH FRAME OF S.F. REAL-TIME SHOOTING-JITTER. DON'T FORGET: This thing is absolutely SOUND IMAGE RELATIONSHIPS OK plan to studiore-record some things with changes. Have sound man change something on every image, change treble, bass, or volume. A bit where sound disappears when something is held in front of the camera. Something opaque? The entire film an "example" of the difficulty (impossibility) of the essentializingsymbolizing reduction involvedin the (Platonic) nature of words in relation to experience (object) etc. discussed. The difference between the reductionabsolutely necessary to discuss or even describe the experience and the experience. Each is "real" but each is different. INTERNAL REACTION: People in the shot notice, see, pay attention to a manipulation: e.g., a bottle appears, reappears (8 frames, 4 frames, 2 frames). They watch this, continuing to talk about something else. They screen their eyes during over-exposure. Change camera position inmid-conversation (continue in the middleof a word). Should especially concern itself with the people. Lots of medium shots, close-ups. (2 or 4 heads, etc.) All-woman cast? PSALMANAZAR: Georges Psalmanazar (1679-1763), assumed name of a Frenchman who represented himself as a pagan from Formosa and invented a language, "Formosan," and a religious system; he later repented of the imposture, which is described in his memoir, and became a serious scholar, a friend of Dr. Johnson. Each sequence made like a spoken word - like anactual word? - soeach hasa distinct character. No, it's the language of film. Notes for Rameau 's Nephew 101 Introduce "relativity" into the use of speech: contextual nature of nuances of meaning. Words common but everybody having nuances. My uses to make this work of art. Words as material (recorded). "A picture is worth a thousand words." The picture is the words. Some way of making visual sentences. Someone opens mouth and things change. "The unexpected happens when you least expect it." LOGOMANIA: a pathological state of volubility, or incoherent wordiness. LOGOPATHY: a speech disorder of any kind. LOGORRHEA: pathological form of volubility. REBUS: The rebus introduces the subject of the accuracy of recording, verisimilitude, absolute realism in a context where the nuances (means) of the medium are the elements of the reality of the experience of the representation. Philosophical Comedy "Gags" "Routines" exemplify,philosophical statements problems proposals Use books, e.g. Wittgenstein to write joke-dialogue. To end a scene: e.g. four people talking. Take out voices, one by one, until the scene is silent, then remove the people one by one, then remove the set to white screen. SOURCE OF SOUND Sequence with playingof record, turning on T.V. and (perhaps off screen) tape playing plus talking. Someone points to loudspeaker and facing audience says (or off-screen tape says) without moving mouth, "This is where it came from." T.V. sound is turned on, then turned off, and tape of justpreviously recorded conversation is played with T.V. picture. People comment. Someone points to an object as a voice speaks about to play a record. While putting it on sound starts via off-screen tape; they then play simultaneously for a while. ANARTHRIA: loss of power of articulate speech. A. Language as a "tautology." We already know what can be said. B. Not only are there many words you have never heard, but there are many combinations of them and the ones and combinations that you already know which have never been made which you've never heard. Originality then with words is? Language is Thought's body. Speech is thought; they are not generally two separate activities. 102 The Collected Writings of Michael Snow Wrong or invented sounds for things that happen on screen. Man drops a cup, it shatters, sound is thunder and rain. Rain sound continues till woman covers her eyes. Man cleans up broken cup, sound is hammering. Hammering cuts simultaneously with cutting to "now," same cup in place of fragments. Woman lights cigarette, sound is a bell or chime. She blows out smoke and as she blows, cup (is pulled) slides along table over to edge. Either it cuts...


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