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22 Around about New York Eye and Ear Control me In April 1992, as I was going through my considerable accumulation of papers, with a view to depositing them with the Edward P. Taylor Research Library and Archives of the Art Gallery of Ontario, I found the following text sleeping with "Something You Might Try." It was written in 1966. It was in an orange-covered booklet amongst many other papers relating to my film New York Eye and Ear Control,completed in 1964. The text was never published and I had totally forgotten about it. Perhaps it would have been best for it to stay in hiding. However, it has more of that damned punning and word spacing that were aspects of "A Lot of Near Mrs." I think they give this prose the resonance of poetry. There are some (still) interesting observations in it which are not dependent on the reader's having experienced the film. I hope the reader might see/hear the film, in which case this reading might have another referent. M.S. L ight section! Chimera!Roll 'em! Ah the Flim Flam. Business. Now you see it now you seat again. Little gaps (quite a lot actually) that you don't (see). A quaint lot gave littlegasps, it was Take Twenty-five sexually. That shit! Print It! That seemed to be the best one. All these jive puns! James Joyce could legally pun because he had the Background. I'll give it up for the moment (it's more than a habit). Also I won't use brackets so much. As you've noticed, many films, unaccountable , have been made now. On the way to: Direct Electrical and Direct Drug Entertainment Industry. Just a few light-years away! It will do away with themiddle-man: Eyes, Ears to be specific. Food could be fed this way but it wouldn'tbe as nutritious. Could be as tasty, though. Is this the triumph of "style" over "content"? I hate to bring that up. Perhaps because there's too much "content" in it. I don't mean that I'm not serious but that in some peculiar way I am maybe a little bit... materialistic. Still, it's as interesting to try to make arrangements of content as of form. Of course both happen anyway, but I'm talking about the process of making something of a (probably ) artistic (aesthetic) nature. The Intention, The Process, The Result. Of course Everything Means Something to Somebody. I have on occasion made certain formal arrangements in order to see what content is produced by such an arrangement.Sometimes I don't seem to have any Beliefs except those that are being produced by the relationship with which I am, at the time, involved. There are however some Constants , some Virtues even, involved in my Amorality, my Games, my potential 23 ight section Chimera Roll em Ah the Flim Flam Business L ...


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