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Michael Snow at the Isaacs Gallery, 832 Yonge Street, Toronto, in 1964. On the wall behind him is his painting Half-Slip (oil on canvas, 51.Ox 152.7 cm, 1963). Photo: Michel Lambeth A Lot of Near Mrs. 1952-63 This text was written while Joyce Wieland and I were living in Toronto but makingfrequent trips to New York to prepare for a long stay there (looking for a loft, etc.). I started to write it basically to clarify things for myself. It was prompted, however, by an attempt to answer what I felt were misunderstandings in what was being written about the work I was doing. It was never published in the Sixties, but Arnold Rockman used a copy of it in preparing his excellent article in Canadian Art in November/December 1963. M.S. C losed shop. Trademark. Trade: Art. A sign to sign. Put the outside inside where it belongs. Simultaneity. "She" is the same in different places and different times at same place and time. Repetition: Trademark, my trade, my mark. Mock massproduction . Art the only "cottage industry" left. Juxtaposition: a "surrealism" of media within one subject. Social comment, narrative, realism, satire, allegory, abstraction, didacticism, mysticism: art from drawing to past sculpture. Stage director. Fact and fiction: the relationships between space and light illusions (imagination?) and a physically finite object. Coloring books: anyone can do it. Jane Arden. Perils of Pauline. W.W. is detached from her background or "she" is in reciprocal relations to it. If "she" is cut-out (no depicted background) alone on the wall the relationships might be just internal or just with the real environment. Art as a form of wMmm/fication. "Solid color space ladies." Women historically as subject in art. Women "characters ," "types," "actresses" designed by artists. Cranach, Rubens, Ingres, Renoir, Pascin, Modigliani, Picasso etc. "Abstract" this element of painting. One drawing. Contour to be not only rectangle but just contour of single subject. To "cut out" means to (slang) leave. Girl watching.Passing out of the picture and yes we'll soon be passing out of the picture. Pedestrienne. Stepping out. Yes my work is pedestrian. Revelation of process as subject in Pollock, de Kooning continues. Scientific method. Experiments. Problem of originality: invent a subject. Impossible but try. Presenceabsence . Be a tracer of missing persons. The subject could have been my image but prefer to add,multiply,create, not mirror. Use time: outdoor exposure for one month: weather woman Jan. 1 to 31. Weather report. Given model tracing, stenciling,printing are means of including the subject in the work, in the process show the path of the model. My subject is not women or a woman but the first cardboard cutout of W.W. I made. A second remove depiction. Always use it same size as original. 5 ft. tall. W.W. is not an idea, it's just a drawing, not a very good one either! Bad taste conversion W.W. though representational is invented, an individual. One subject, any medium. My work is inclusive not exclusive, puppetry, choreography. I'm not so interested in 17 losed shop Trademark Trade Art A sign to sign Put the outside where it C 18 The Collected Writings of Michael Snow making a lot of paintings, sculpture finding out what happens when you do such and such a thing. A stand-in or abstract person. Attempt to extend certain values of American abstract painting by doing them backwards or "wrong" (?). "Art" and "life" problem. Duchamp. If you can use stuff from the street as art in an art gallery why can't you use "paintings" or art as art in the street. Not found art but lost art. Who can see it? Trying to find new uses for representation. Not a "figure painter." Abstraction of style. Is that possible? But art is something too.What? An "abstract" shape can be sexier than a representation of a (beautiful) breast but neither are sexier than a (beautiful) breast. Art is an addition to life not only a quote. If you can use "anything" to make art how about a self contained factory where the material is made to make the art with. What if Braque had printed his own newspaper to use in hiscollages . I'm doing that. Exhibition "announcements" as much part of it as the paintings. All art.Figure in art: "poses" have been explored (Rodin) no more poses. "New" representational art and its uses. A representation...


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