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Something You Might Try 1958 A previously unpublished text. There's this place in women or some women I guess. I should say that's... Imagine a woman (any woman or possibly one that you know) with no skirt on (I hope I can make this clear) at the very top of the legs between each leg the start of the body where if you're like me there's a long thing in front of a bag and if you're a woman you'll know whether I'm right or wrong anyway there's this triangular patch of hair. I can't vouch for this but 2 women I know have this part and my guess is that the others do too. There's no harm in asking and what I'm going to say depends on this part and the part which I have. What I am going to say is about what I did with these parts but it may be that everybody's different there anyway. I'm making the assumption that generally that's the way it is. Anyway get this: at the bottom of this "triangle" how the hell can you explain this? Suppose you're lying on the floor and a woman is standing with her feet apart directly over your face, well, look straight above to where the legs end and the body begins. This is sort of the base of the "triangle" which I mentioned . (Perhaps I'm being unnecessarily detailed about this but if a thing is worth doing it's worth doing right.) Anyway at this place and partly in front coming up from the base of the triangle of hair (which is incidentally pointing down with the other two points at the top) there's a long slit (around 2 or three inches long). You can confirm what I say by feeling there and I'm sure you'll feel this slit sort of like a cut or else there's a long thing like a big soft finger. Since you have to have each of these things, I mean one in each person to do what I'm going to suggest. If you have the slit you need to get someone with the long thing and vice versa to do this. Anyway I hope you find as much pleasure in this as I did or else I wouldn't suggest it because it does seem a strange thing to do but I don't think there's any harm in it. Now: if you've got the person with the other thing you'll presumably have to take off your clothes to find out or some of them (the pants more than likely) well, leave them off and come close together and sort of rub against each other. Now here's the strange part and it may scare you a bit at first but I don't think it's harmful (it didn't hurt me anyway): the long thing gets hard, longer, bigger and sort of stands up (you can visualize this feeling by clenching your fist or tensing your arm maybe) and the slit gets (inside) very wet sort of sticky but I imagine the principle is like the saliva in your mouth when you think of eating. Now this slit is deceptive, it looks like it's only 1/2 inch or an inch deep but actually it's quite deep, as deep as the long thing is long at least it was with my two examples. Now the best part of this and I suppose it seems obvious to you now is, stick the long hard part in the wet slit. That's right slide it right in until the two 10 T Something You Might Try 11 bellies touch. Now move (if you have the hard part) back and forth or rather in and out of the hole. You'll probably both enjoy this. After a while there's a sort of explosion feeling in the long hard thing which is really a funny feeling. Since I don't have the slit part I can't really say what that feels like but the two people I did it with said they'd enjoyed it and want to do it again. 12 Title or Heading m\ In 1961 Kenneth Craig, a Toronto artist, published two issues of a magazine called evidence . Influenced, perhaps, in its concept by the publications of the...


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