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This page intentionally left blank TheMichael Snow Project TheCollectedWritingsofMichae Snow with a foreword by Louise Dompierre Wilfrid Laurier University Press Canadian Cataloguing in Publication Data Snow, Michael, 1929The collected writings of Michael Snow ISBN 0-88920-243-5 I. Snow, Michael, 1929II . Title. N6549.S64A35 1994 I. Dompierre, Louise. 709'.2 C94-930627-4 Copyright© 1994 WILFRID LAURIER UNIVERSITY PRESS Waterloo, Ontario, Canada N2L 3C5 Cover design by Jose Martucci, DesignCommunications Back cover photo by Peggy Gale Printed in Canada The Collected Writings of Michael Snow has been produced from a manuscript supplied in electronic form by the author. All rights reserved. No part of this work covered by the copyrights hereon may be reproduced or used in any form or by any means—graphic, electronic or mechanical—without the prior written permission of the publisher.Any request for photocopying, recording, taping or reproducing in information storage and retrieval systems of any part of this book shall be directed in writing to the Canadian Reprography Collective, 214 King Street West, Suite 312, Toronto, Ontario M5V 3S6. Acknowledgements This book has been published with the help of a grant from the Canada Council. "On Wavelength," p. 39, is reprinted with the permission of Film Culture. The cover of Film Culture 46, p. 40, is reprinted with the permission of Film Culture. "Ten Questions to Michael Snow," p. 51, is reprinted with the permission of Antonella Hartog. "Converging on La Region Centrale: Michael Snow in Conversation with Charlotte Townsend," p. 57, is reprinted with the permission of CharlotteTownsend. "Information or Illusion: An Interview with Michael Snow," p. 82, is reprinted with the permission of Andree Hayum. "Michael Snow and Bruce Elder in Conversation," p. 221, is reprinted with the permission of Bruce Elder. "Laocoon of the People," p. 254, is reprinted with the permission of Parachute, La revue contemporain. "Marcel Duchamp," p. 286, by Michael Snow, from Brushes with Greatness, © 1989 Coach House Press, is reprinted by permission of Coach House Press. Back cover photo by Peggy Gale. The following photographs are reprinted with the permission of The National Gallery of Canada: the film component of Tap, 1969 (#15923), p. 48; De La, photo by Ellis Kerr, 1971 (#30983), p. 55; "Voice" sequence, p. 106, and "Bus" sequence, p. 126, both from Rameau 's Nephew by Diderot (Thanx to Dennis Young) by Wilma Schoen (#30984). Care has been taken to trace ownership of copyrighted material used in this book and to make acknowledgement for their use. If any omissions have occurred they will be corrected in subsequent editions, provided notification is sent to the publisher. v ...


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