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PART I: CHICKEN Chicken is no coward. Indeed, this warrior bird has plied his trade as a fighting cock around the world since the earliest days such fowl consented to work for people, somewhere in south and southeast Asia. Anxious if brave, Chicken Little has long worried that the sky is falling. He has a good vantage point from which to assess this matter; for Chicken, right along with his over-reaching companion, Homo sapiens, has been witness and participant in all the big events of Civilization. Chicken laboured on the Egyptian pyramids, when barley-pinching Pharaohs got the world’s first mass egg industry going to feed the avians’ co-conscripted human workers. Much later—a bit after the Egyptians replaced their barley exchange system with proper coins, thus acting like the progressive capitalists their exchange partners always seem to want in that part of the world—Julius Caesar brought the Pax Romana, along with the “ancient English” chicken breed, the Dorking, to Britain. Chicken Little knows all about the shock and awe of History, and he is a master at tracking the routes of Globalizations, old and new. Technoscience is no stranger either. Add to that, Chicken knows a lot about Biodiversity and Cultural Diversity , whether one thinks about the startling variety of chicken-kind for the 5,000 years of their domestic arrangements with humanity, or considers 33 2 Chicken donna haraway From B. Eekelen, J. Gonzalez, B. Stötzer and A.Tsing, eds., Shock and Awe: War on Words (Santa Cruz, CA: New Pacific Press, 2004), 23–30. the “improved breeds” accompanying capitalist class formations from the nineteenth century to now. No county fair is complete without its gorgeous “purebred” chickens, who know a lot about the history of eugenics. It is hard to sort out shock from awe in chicken-land. Whether the firmament takes a calamitous tumble or not, Chicken holds up a good half of the sky. In 2004 ce, Chicken Little donned his spurs once more and entered the war on words thrust on him by Current Events. Ever a gender bender , Chicken joined the glbt Brigade and outdid himself as a postcolonial, transnational, pissed-off spent hen and mad feminist. Chicken admitted that s/he was inspired by the all (human) girl underground fight clubs that s/he found out about on Ignoring the sexism of “chick”—extreme or not—and the porn industry and pedophilic scene that vilifies the name of chicken, our Bird raptured those fighting girls right out of History and into his trannie sf world, fit to confront the Eagles of War and the Captains of Industry. S/he felt this rapturous power because s/he recalled not just the exploits of Cousin Phoenix, but also the years when s/he was a figure of Jesus Resurrected, promising the faithful that they would rise from the ashes of History’s barbecues. Barbecue. An unkind reminder of where Chicken Little had best concentrate her attention. For, at the end of a millennium, in 2000, 10 billion chickens were slaughtered in the US alone. Worldwide, 5 billion hens— 75 percent in cramped, multi-occupancy quarters called battery cages—were laying eggs, with Chinese flocks leading the way, followed by those in the United States and Europe. Thai chicken exports topped $1.5 billion in value in an industry supplying Japanese and EU markets and employing hundreds of thousands of Thai citizens. World chicken production was 65.6 million tons, and the whole operation was growing at 4 percent per year. Captains of Industry, indeed. Chicken could conclude that her/his major vocation seems to be breakfast and dinner while the world burns.1 Contrary to the views of her pesky friends in the transnational animal rights movement, our Opportunistic Bird is not against surrendering a pound of flesh in exchange for pecking rights in the naturalcultural contractual arrangements that domesticated both bipedal hominids and winged gallinaceous avians. But there’s something seriously foul in current versions of multi-species global contract theory. One way to tell the trouble—one detail among myriads—is that a threeyear study in Tulsa, Oklahoma—a centre of factory chicken production— showed that half the water supply was dangerously polluted by poultry 34 Donna Haraway waste. Go ahead, microwave sponges in your kitchens as often as the clean food cops advise; inventive bacteria will outwit you with their fowl alliances. Well, one more detail. Manipulated genetically since the...


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