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ix This collection was conceived in Ontario while I was a member of the English and Film Studies Department at Wilfrid Laurier University and came to completion three years and three thousand miles later in British Columbia, my native province, where I returned to become a member of the Critical Studies Department at the University of British Columbia in the Okanagan. I have always believed in this work and want to extend my gratitude to those who encouraged it and contributed to its making. From this end of the project, I want to thank the dean’s office in the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies at ubco for financial support in the form of a Book Publication Grant. In the beginning and on the other side of the country was Brian Henderson, the director of Wilfrid Laurier University Press, whose vision and support over the years were invaluable. I also want to thank Lisa Quinn, the acquisitions editor for the Press, who guided the manuscript ’s journey towards completion over the last year and who gave sound advice while retaining a sense of humour. Similarly, I want to extend my thanks to Beth McAuley for the precision of her copy-editing eye and lastly to Rob Kohlmeier, who took over in the final stages of production and smoothed the way. Thanks goes, of course, to the contributors to this volume, all of whom responded positively to the call for essays in the first place and who never missed a beat where revisions and deadlines were concerned. Their contributions are the heart of this collection and I am honoured to have worked with such committed scholars, writers, activists and thinkers on a Acknowledgements project that seeks a hearing for ethical consideration for nonhuman animals in the field of cultural studies. I especially want to thank my former colleague, contributor to this collection and lunch partner at the vegetarian restaurant in Waterloo, Ontario, Rod Preece, for his encouragement and mentoring in the field of animal studies. I also want to thank Muriel McMahon for being there to talk to about dreamwork involving empathy and animals, and my colleague, David Jefferess , who knows what this collection means. I also want to acknowledge Felix, the Alaskan Malamute with whom I live and who has taught me a lot about myself. Thanks also go to Simon, the little terrier who was rescued by the spca, who now lives with us and who taught us about learning to trust, and the cats who have their favourite places in the house: Harley, Willie, Suess, Oscar, Puffy and Tom. At the heart of all of this activity is my partner, Rebekka Augustine, who read through the entire manuscript and generously shared her copyediting skills in addition to her love and encouragement. To her goes my best love. x acknowledgements ...


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