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Contents ix Preface xv Introduction lxxxiii Interview with Moacyr Scliar Marcos Iolovitch 3 Excerpts from On a Clear April Morning Clarice Lispector 19 Passage 27 Me and Jimmy Elisa Lispector 33 Excerpt from In Exile 41 Out of Sheer Despair Jacó Guinsburg 49 Miriam 53 Figures in the Darkness Samuel Rawet 57 Christmas without Christ 65 Moira Rosa Palatnik 71 Two Mothers Judith Grossmann 85 Mrs. Büchern in Lebenswald Alberto Dines 93 Excerpts from Death in Paradise: The Tragedy of Stefan Zweig Sônia Rosenblatt 103 Excerpts from Clouded Memories Samuel Malamud 117 Excerpt from Stops in Time Francisco Dzialovsky 131 Excerpt from The Third Testament Eliezer Levin 145 New York, New York 149 A Schoolmaster’s Requiem 153 The Seed from Safed 157 The Tenth Man 161 Mr. Samuel Paulo Jacob 167 Excerpts from A Patch of Moonlight Fell on the Jungle Amália Zeitel 179 Strawberries with Cream Esther Largman 187 Excerpt from Polish Girls Bernardo Ajzenberg 201 Excerpt from Goldstein & Camargo Roney Cytrynowicz 223 The Secret Life of the Clocks 227 Shed II Samuel Reibscheid 235 My Name Is Job Moacyr Scliar 245 In the Bosom of Abraham 249 The Children of the Androgyne 251 The Necrologists Jaime Lerner 263 Legacy Cíntia Moscovich 273 Sheine Meidale 285 Acknowledgments ...


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