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PREFACE THREE YEARS ago, for the first time in my father’s life, he told me about his childhood and his young adult life. And with this book, I have tried very hard to write all the facts of his memory while keeping his voice intact. Originally, I had written this biography in the third person as my father told me the events in his life from birth until 1963. But to allow the reader a more expressive and personal glimpse into his life, I have revised it and written it from his perspective . There were, however, some barriers in accomplishing this. My father found it difficult, as would any Holocaust survivor, to express and share his emotions about his experiences. He also does not have a strong command of the English language. And, of course, his sign language follows a much different syntax than spoken English. Therefore, I interpreted his expressions, emotions, and words to convey the meaning I believed to be his intent. I felt very privileged and honored to hear his story. As a result, I have been blessed with a part of history, and I believe he has come to terms with many of his demons. ELEANOR C. DUNAI FM_193032_Gallaudet_Dunai 5/14/02 12:02 PM Page xv FM_193032_Gallaudet_Dunai 5/14/02 12:02 PM Page xvi ...


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