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78 • Life Lessons through Storytelling 78 6. Rabbit Tales (Tails): Kenyan Stories with Multiple Meanings (with Tiffani Saunders) The Great Drought Long, long ago there was a great drought. The animals didn’t know what to do. They wandered and they wandered everywhere looking for water, but they couldn’t find water. And so finally they got an idea. They decided that they would dig a hole and then they’d find some water so they called all of themselves together and they said, “We are going to dig for water.” And then they looked around and they saw that one animal was not there. That animal was Rabbit. So they decided to send one animal to find Rabbit and see what had happened. Well, the rest of the animals set to digging and they dug and they dug and they dug and the other one ran off and found Rabbit. Well, Rabbit was sitting back at home on his couch just thinking , “Hmm, I am just relaxing.” And the other animal walked in, said, “Rabbit, we are digging for water! What are you doing here?” And Rabbit said, “I am not gonna get my paws muddy and dirty! Humph.” So that animal returned to the rest. Well, all of the animals agreed that Rabbit and Rabbit’s family would not get one drop of that water because they weren’t gonna help, and so they started digging further and further. And at the end of the first day, they did not find water. And they dug two days, and they dug three days, and they dug four days, and then they found water. But they remembered that Rabbit and his family had not helped and they wanted to make sure that they wouldn’t get any of the water, so they put a fence around their water hole. And then one of them got the idea to put some gum on it, thinking, “Well that will keep those rabbits out.” And that night, they went away and Rabbit snuck in and thought, “Oh! I’m gonna get some water.” And he ate that gum up because there wasn’t very much there, and he slipped inside and he got all the water he wanted and then he went to the bathroom in it. Well the next day, the animals returned and they were like, “Ugh! Rabbit has been here and he has spoiled our water! Well we are going to make sure that that rabbit does not come back.” So they decided that the lion was going to keep the key and make sure that Rabbit was not going to get in there. So again, Rabbit Rabbit Tales (Tails) • 79 came and he got the water, and after that they decided, “Okay, we are going to do something more. We’re going to make sure that that rabbit does not get in here and get our water. This time the lion’s gonna stay and the lion is gonna guard.” So the lion stood there thinking, “That rabbit’s not gonna get in here. That rabbit’s not going to get this water from me.” Well, the rabbit ran out of water one night. “What am I gonna do? What am I gonna do?” And, well, Rabbit got a plan. So he just wandered over to where Lion was guarding that water and he says, “Hey Lion, there’s a big feast at home! Look at this meat that I have. But if you don’t hurry, somebody else is gonna eat your meat.” Lion did not think and just ran off, just like that. Well, pretty soon Lion figured out that Rabbit had tricked him and when he got back to where the water was, he saw that Rabbit had gotten in there and once again taken water and fouled it again. Well this time they were angry and they thought, “We’re going to get somebody really big to come in here and protect our water.” So they got the elephant and so the elephant was like, “That rabbit’s not gonna get in here. That rabbit’s not gonna get this water.” And so again, the rabbit and his family ran out of water and they were wondering, “What are we gonna do? How can we get water?” And so Rabbit came up with another plan. Rabbit got a container and he filled it up with sweet honey and then he went over to where the...


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