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12 o Lise’s Yellow Dress To Appease Eulalie—Léon Becomes Bolder, but Moderately—Help for a Despondent Man—Léon’s Duel— Lagie and Her Englishman—The Jewish Pianist—A Duke Does Not Necessarily Bring Happiness—The Tenor Tormented by Love—Vaudeville and Bel Canto—Flowers on a Cradle   good or something bad would happen to me, my great comfort was to go see Lise, so I could share with her my joy or my distress. Her landlady gave me her new address under condition of secrecy because Lise still refused to see anyone. Her apartment was on the fifth floor at  Champs-Elysées. Lise was on her bed, a lit candle close by for her cigarette, a book in her hand. ‘‘So, it is you! It is sweet of you to come by, but if the other one comes in, she is going to scream, she cannot stand you.’’ ‘‘Whose house is this?’’ ‘‘But of course, you do not know. . . . You can imagine that after my arrest I did not dare go out; then one day I was told that a young woman wanted to speak to me urgently. If I had been standing, I would have fallen flat on my face. It was my sister. I was amazed by her elegance. I asked her, ‘‘ ‘What do you want from me, Eulalie? My father is behind you, is he not?’ ‘‘ ‘Goodness, how stupid you are! He does not know where I am, so he could not have followed me here.’ ‘‘ ‘What, you mean you ran away?’ ‘‘ ‘Yes. Since your departure, everything has been going from bad to worse. Maxime took me away. Since he does not have much, I went to  Lise’s Yellow Dress work at the Hippodrome. I am staying at the Champs-Elysées, number . If you want, you can share my room.’ ‘‘Would you believe it? It hurt me terribly to know that my sister was a fallen woman, but I did not have the right to scold her, and in any case, it would have been futile. ‘‘At the hotel I owed quite a bit of money and had no funds to pay with. In lieu of payment I had to leave my things, and I moved here with two chemises, some slippers, and the dress I have on. I said I was going to the country, not moving. ‘‘Still, I must get out of this situation. I am dependent on my sister. She let me move in with her, but she regrets it. First of all, she is not rich and she is stingy. Yesterday she chastised me for buying a packet of cigarette paper! ‘‘After every scene I pick up my two chemises and start to pack. Eulalie starts to laugh, and I stay, promising to be neat, something I cannot get used to. She follows me all day with a towel to wipe even my footprints. And so, as you can see, I stay in bed. . . . That way I do not mess up anything.’’    I had to stifle a laugh, because the bed, the side table, the whole bedroom was a total wreck. Everywhere books, torn cigarette paper thrown here and there, tobacco, ashes . . . ‘‘Oh, my dear,’’ I said, ‘‘she is seldom pleasant, your Eulalie. I have often seen her at the Hippodrome, unaware that she was your sister, and I have already had one or two squabbles with her.’’ ‘‘Stay a little longer. She is not due home just yet. She is at Maxime’s, and anyway, I know how to put her in a good mood.’’ She began to tidy up around her, wiping the tablewith heronlydress. ‘‘Well, my dear Lise, since you are so unhappy here, do you want a way out? I shall lend you all I can. If you want to come live with me—’’ ‘‘No,’’ she replied, ‘‘I prefer a friend to money. If I were indebted to you, we might have a falling out. . . . I love you very much, but your happiness, if you were happier than I, would end up distressing me.’’ The door opened. Eulalie seemed quite surprised to see me. Pomaré lost her composure. I was doubly surprised since I have known few women with as imposing a bearing as Pomaré! Eulalie was an average-sized girl, plump, with a cold demeanor. Of another I would say she had a look of stupidity, but she was extremely  Lise’s Yellow Dress clever. Even though she probably was...


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