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CONTENTS List of Illustrations ix Acknowledgments xi List of Abbreviations for Works by Rachilde xiii introduction 1 On Writing Biography: In which the author pays a visit to Périgueux and makes a detour to Galveston 1860, february 11 12 Women as Outsiders: In which Marguerite Eymery (Rachilde) is born, a werewolf appears, and traps are both set and sprung 1870, october 29 29 The Ambivalence of the Paternal: In which Captain Eymery is taken prisoner 1875, january or early february 48 The Cultural Injunction to Silence: In which Rachilde is engaged, appears to attempt suicide, and meets a ghost who delivers an important message 1876, march 1 63 Woman as Medium: In which séances are held, Madame Eymery meets “Rachilde,” and doubles mysteriously appear 1877, june 23 78 Authority, Authorship, and Authorization: In which Rachilde publishes her first story and Victor Hugo authorizes her 1884, may–july 88 The Politics of Publishing: In which Monsieur Vénus is published and the French police take an interest in Rachilde 1884, december 12 101 Writing as Cross-Dressing: In which Rachilde applies for permission to cross-dress and become a writer 1885, a thursday in march 114 Marriage and the Woman Writer: In which Rachilde meets Alfred Vallette and marries him, despite some second thoughts 1887, february 26 (a saturday) 138 The Photograph Never Lies: In which a front page brings attention to Rachilde’s hair 1889, october 25 151 The Cultural Legitimacy of the Woman Writer: In which Rachilde’s daughter is born and questions are raised about legitimacy 1890, november 10 160 Imagining the Self: In which Rachilde’s first play is performed and some mirrors are looked into 1894, a tuesday 172 Male Anxiety at the Fin de Siècle: In which Rachilde, cupbearer to the symbolist gods, meets Alfred Jarry 1900, december 10 185 Women and Education: In which Rachilde’s mother is admitted to the asylum of Charenton and some deficiencies in Rachilde’s education become apparent 1925, july 2 203 Women and Surrealism: In which Rachilde gets into a bun fight 1928, june 217 Gender Anxiety in French Modernism: In which Le Prisonnier is published and Rachilde acts rather queerly 1953, april 4 228 On Minding: In which Rachilde is reunited with Lison Notes 235 Bibliography 261 Index 287 viii Contents ...


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