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Acknowledgments This study began in 1984 at the University of Keele as a Masters Thesis in United States History. Since my advisor Mary Ellison, Martin Crawford, Steve Mills, and David Adams guided me through the rigors of the Keele graduate program, I have incurred many debts and not a few friends. The kind assistance and courtesy extended to me during my field trip to Washington, D.C., and North and South Carolina confirmed in me the wisdom of my choice of profession. I would like to thank Philip Morgan and John Blassingame who directed me toward the most pertinent libraries and archives, and David Moltke-Hansen and Allen Stokes who led me to important sources that might otherwise have been overlooked. Edward Countryman was the first to read extracts from the dissertation and offered much needed encouragement and advice, as did Gad Heuman at Warwick University, and Howard Temperley at the University of East Anglia. In Fall 1990, at the University of Rochester, I sat in on Eugene Genovese 's final class at the school and, along with a number of very gifted students , found out that Genovese, the teacher, is as potent a force as Genovese , the scholar. My colleagues at Rochester provided for me an atmosphere in which I could develop my teaching skills while preparing my manuscript for publication . As chair, the late Christopher Lasch, assisted by the then departmental secretary, Jean De Groat, went out of his way to ensure that I quickly settled into my new position, and had the time and funds for research trips, and the opportunity to present papers and discuss my ideas at conferences, workshops and seminars. xvn ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I presented versions of chapters at the Social Science History Association , Southern Historical Association, The Johns Hopkins University, and The College of William and Mary, as well as the University of Rochester. The book is much improved thanks to comments on my work from Jack Greene, Robert Gross, Charles Joyner, Franklin Knight, Roderick McDonald, Anne Patton Malone, Robert Olwell, Robert Paquette, James Roark, and Loren Schweninger. I am especially grateful to those who read all or parts of the manuscript and offered helpful criticism, including: Richard Blackett, Daniel Littlefield , August Mieir, Phillip Morgan, Norrece Jones, Charles Joyner, Joseph Riedy, Deborah Gray White, and Mary Young. Throughout the seemingly unending process of rewrites and resubmissions to editors Stanley Engerman always willing to read and comment on the latest and finallythe last version. Of course, the assistanceof friends and colleagues does not diminish my final responsibility for the ideas expressed in ToHave and To Hold. The inspiration for this study was kindled and continually nurtured by my dear friends from Pawleys Island, South Carolina: Patrick O'Rear, his late wife, Dorothy—to whose memory this book is dedicated—and their daughter, Noel O'Rear Morton. Last but not least, my own sustenance has stemmed from an ever growing faith and a strong family. My mother, father and four siblings, each in their own way,has helped to make my life free from the burdens that so often hinder the completion of a project dear to one's heart. I love them, and thank them. XVlll ...


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