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Digital Poetics To read this poem in French press 1, in German press 2, in Spanish press 3, in English press 4. To read an index of all reviews, books and articles written about this poem press 5. For previous readers’ opinions of this poem press 6. To read all variorum drafts in facsimile manuscript of this poem press 7. To read the final proof copy before publication press 8. To read the first printed version of this poem press 9. For a total line count press 10. For a total word count press 11. For a total character count press 12. For a list of all colleges and universities where this poem is taught press 13. For a list of anthologies in which this poem has appeared press 14. For a photograph and biography of the author press 15. To read all musical adaptations of this poem press 16. To read a dramatic version of this poem press 17. To read the libretto of and score to the operatic version of this poem press 18. For a list of bookstores where all books containing this poem are currently available press 19. For a list of stores where the CD version is available press 20. To read a different poem by this author press 21. To read a different poem by another author press 22. To read a shorter poem by this author press 23. To read a longer poem press 24. To read a better poem press 25. To read an on-line version of this poem press 26. To repeat this menu press 27. To read a commentary on these commands and a critical discussion of the social phenomenon of interpellation press 28. To read a commentary on these commands and their relation to Vico’s cyclical theory of history press 29. To read a comparison of this touch-tone method to John Dee’s Enochian tables press 30. For more information on John Dee’s Enochian Tables press 31. To read factual information about John Dee press 32. To read information on Enoch press 33. Selected and New Poems of Steve McCaffery 1989–2009 / 65 ...


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