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Tyrolean Night Characters: ( ) = O “ ” = X The machine looks conservative but gosh what a leader in experimental phonetics! (Firdausi thought it the new hilaritas when he changed his name to Basho.) Tall frogs sit on a nunuphar built by lunatics and here is the room where the mirror-playing instrument occasionally interacts with the one who writes. “So little to remember of the years before this happened.” Periplus to a plenum but with the intellectual activity of three, not as love in the middle, but on the side of godhead approaching in absentia the good things of will. (As trade so ethics.) But here, the symbol is adequate to announce proportionality to all attending. Concealment quickly follows Lenin lodged in the Austrian Tyrol the night it snowed in Saskatoon with nuns swarming the Vatican. Diapason the duration of its verbal components returning each night at eleven-o-three to a thin mist over many of the earlier objectives. 48 / Verse and Worse Along the seacoast a temporary five-year plan versus the bruised quintessence of a Nautilus. “It could be good to go to a play instead of staying at home and reading James Essex’s Observations on the Origin and Antiquity of round Churches; and of the Round Church at Cambridge in Particular, small quarto 1782” when suddenly a hand appears to offer economic paradise. The shell takes it and offers in exchange a highly innovative social history of sneezing. Since then the burger master orders an effective system for annual economic exploitation. “This could be wartime as once more the birds in excess of their feathers sing out proper names.” (Yours among them.) Thinking this way creates a haunt for bohemians of an open market with its central violin explained by the fact that the man in tweed comes from Thessaly. The petite DNA in the circular microchondria is not innate but certainly inventive in its senseless torment of the poor longshoremen. “Let’s take our next vacation in a big popular majority adjacent to the federal government building and whistle multi-corporate features as we go along.” The tiles are dark and unsophisticated in that region but each week summer returns as if the sun once shone. Selected and New Poems of Steve McCaffery 1989–2009 / 49 Serfs rise to a rendition of addenda torn out of the final signature of Jean Francois Paul de Gondi’s Mémoires du Cardinal de Retz, de Guy Joli et de la Duchess de Nemours Nouvelle Edition with provincial imprint fresh upon its scales. “This brings us to a simply prodigious achievement despite the continuously successful call of an unknown requisition.” Something becomes language as the light goes out and the scientific consequence within the nature of receptacles stands finally for the source of spheres. “It’s been doing this for centuries while you were staying in the village of Erbach on the Odenwald living as a modernist from Milano sporting the word chryselephantine in your button-hole waiting to meet Phillip Whalen in the Preiss Hotel around the time Johann Philipp Ferdinand was born.” (But this shouldn’t make you the multi-media pigeon voyeur that you want to be.) The civil war has other effects as well as suddenness. Starting with a prototype mistake it ends up in a practice of body fragments recollected among short-lived scenery in full flight. (Other passengers lend money to off-shore steelyards taking two hours to lock up all the untenured faculty in the University of Geneva’s Gynaecology department.) At a rough estimate I’d say Medieval Greek doesn’t have a precise term these days to describe a Futurist lexicographer. “Why are the Alps called Catholic churches and filled with irksome vendors of second-hand sausage meat?” 50 / Verse and Worse Seems to me the name of a town on the west-bank of the Rhône would be equally appropriate given that the complete statement’s still housed in a fire-proof structure made by the man who invented the Praetorian Guard. “I feel I’m still trapped in the headquarters of some numerical system for Pythagorean locksmiths.” There’s a chill to the night besides novel chocolate arpeggios clotting out the moon in a motionless communion some call Romanticism. (The fact that I was writing this three days after the post office burned down is not retold in sagas from Iceland.) There, the speaker adopts the persona of an aging Irish patriot named Desmond born of...


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