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The View from Here At 4 pm Dante starts editing his copy of the Anti-Dühring as a thought carries him to Mozart composing his last symphony in Vienna. Via the metapoetics of illogical space the sound daffodil becomes intangible caught in the fact that “the rose was obsolete” is now obsolete. The train once standing at sentence three demands a reader’s temporality exceed the speed of all operative systems aggregates (Dachau however remains the single doorstep into Shelley’s essay in defence of poetry) There are rock doves in the grass alas combines the sum-total of allowable inter-textual relationships to modernism and marriage (maieutic theory must be cautious here at the teleology of Maryland but there still is daylight savings time in the Booke of Margery Kempe) In the attic the Soviet dominant gathers artifice anarchy embraces sentimentality as concern switches from napalm to cholesterol and Saddam Hussein changes his name back to J. Alfred Prufrock. Selected and New Poems of Steve McCaffery 1989–2009 / 47 ...


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