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Restricted Translation with Imperfect Level Shift (after Basho) Upon a time this frog meets an unwed mother. Plot starts rain. A consideration of one pond that this makes possible. The proper name (multiplied + sterile) indeclinable in speech (momentum x sonority) expressing time, manner, condition and cause (reader = vehicle) result: degree through means. Our man in the novel. Familiar protagonist, the tragic hero and the methodist in Jesus Christ. But also oyster in the subordinate system. Counts them: sanctuary seasons deposits on rock. In a sense then artificial this perception of a pond. Midnight plus the dice-throw and some ordinary rules. Compare the fact our president has hiccups. The retinue cough in the sentence describing how the word œsophagus resettles to disclose mid-phrase “these ripples are an absolute dominion.” The circles mean sovereignty but disappearance where the logic of frog disembarks among its divisions. The surface norm is “plop” at least three facets swap (as stress + weight) two insects that collide. Not a fairy tale, not metaphor, not history. Just a moment on a page a hole can crush. Something is happening to the word endless. Its anarchy is changing, its notice gloats but then retires. Application of advancing premises to indicate a waiting. Caught like the egotist if it jumps immovable to a coloured otherwise. This was begins. Selected and New Poems of Steve McCaffery 1989–2009 / 45 ...


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