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Oedipus Meets the Abstract Machine I love you too if I’m endorsed by global information all these little jobs of enjoyment popping up so much ancient wisdom in marble meanwhile, back in a poem by Clark Coolidge™ I’m Johnny Greendoors the clam chowder savant clean out of entelechies. Arthur Danto enters, orders a regular recent Chardonnay then spills Philosophy on his corner shirt. Guess South is East for him in his sort of sheriff’s pants or maybe not when toe’s got a footnote for a footstool. Smells like a huckleberry Nissan up your nose. Nope, I’ll try again through ethical theory. Maybe someone’s elsewhere’s happening out there right now. Seems the image turns out to be an odd text full of reception theory and that’ll throw a challenge to the salmon samplers. Develops I’m told out of the nomadic Synagogues, want some? it sure beats ekphrasis in the throat. Better ask the reindeer salesman in next door Now that’s what I call style and a human action explains it. Selected and New Poems of Steve McCaffery 1989–2009 / 41 ...


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