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from Some Versions of Pastoral PREFACE Et in Arcadia ergo points to everywhere. Semantic stability laid smooth across cyclic ridden-epoch pages of remainders. It is the theorized ambrosia and all that’s deaf against light among the swamps of somewhere. Chapter gathers grey did I live in it? Fleece of the place changing name to four-footed high-forehead country chin. The Pleistocene in discourse law of moulds surprised by the dash half-past Pan ideology ellipsoid fragments seen in the water as Cuddy, Mopsa, Blowzibelle ex-sensual course to evolution through etching sideways into text material avalanche idyllic thought through bogs and dewlap steering a race to the tunnel shore. Went into walking wearing eyes on the heart because splash accumulation hints history against the helmets. Thistle oval apertures a tree food glossed onto morning. Un détachment de la troupe sous le conduit de Monsieur Logique c’est arrivé. In such manner cart-paths hand Truth a palimpsest of levelled bridges versions of pastoral and the lightest possible stake in this: is speech. Comes round on the road from reading etching spheres as continents then strolls with a flute into dialect and signs it. AFTERWORD An hour through this clock is an absolute urban urge for a sitting rung voice to metaphor meat becoming scarves at a bullfight later belief as power still lodged in familiar groups pretending night falls a quadruped authority artillery follows years to pools where sheep as relay in relaxing stipend for genre 26 / Verse and Worse the luxury if arms where guns blow off comparison divisible as unique find when sounds miss traffic night drizzles out event by spot of big spit thing agronomized escritoire. The second landscape: cabbage blisters in a final ambiguity community diggers ingesting disappearance a doctor’s note in faded Latin as the all-extending fossil calls up object moment brick fails thinking penetrates the same unknown would you agree? Led by consideration of a necessary principle of retroactivity? A scheme-bend altering the dominant? Or is project simulacrum still the Eastern Star? Sky coils completed actions writing words? Mathematics in a folded cloth fed silence into chair? No. Anatomy is Fauvist. Seeds enervate then think. Transposed umbrella to the negative space known as rip shore sleet Asia calling sulphur tendency to piss in exact streaks of virtue neurosis in a bottle rack atelier composure to the opposite directive that I have sensed whenever the pizza comes a white wireless warms the stove. The Voice coughed then put itself in brackets (Ate in Acadia Eggo?) Mentality’s the flat I’ve never moved from[.] Selected and New Poems of Steve McCaffery 1989–2009 / 27 ...


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