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vii Acknowledgments ! THIS VOLUME is an extensive reworking of my dissertation, “Deaf American Literature: A Carnivalesque Discourse” completed in 1996 at George Washington University. I am most grateful to Lois Bragg for planting the seeds and Dan Moshenberg of GWU for providing invaluable assistance and encouragement. The following people also plowed through preliminary drafts, supplied valuable information, and/or responded to numerous e-mail inquiries: Patrick Graybill, Shirley Shultz-Myers, Clayton Valli, Sam Hawk, Joseph Grigely, Ben Bahan, Donald Bangs, Willy Conley, Bob Daniels, Bernard Bragg, Barbara Kannapell, Mike Kemp, Dirksen Bauman, and Lynn Jacobowitz. At Gallaudet University Press, I wish to thank Ivey Pittle Wallace , Christina Findlay, and Alice Falk for their boundless patience, unwavering support, and great facility with the written word. Finally, I wish to dedicate this volume to Graham Peters— Australian, thespian, husband—and to Stephen Ryan, Jester par excellence. 975 Gup DAL FM 7/17/00 7:39 PM Page vii 975 Gup DAL FM 7/17/00 7:39 PM Page viii ...


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