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Contents ! Acknowledgments vii Chapter 1 Is There Really Such a Thing as Deaf American Literature? 1 Chapter 2 Carnival: Orature and Deaf American Literature 17 Chapter 3 Deaf Carnivals as Centers of Culture 32 Chapter 4 The Oral Tradition: Deaf American Storytellers as Tricksters 52 Chapter 5 Literary Night: The Restorative Power of Comedic and Grotesque Literature 78 Chapter 6 Deaf American Theater 96 v 975 Gup DAL FM 7/17/00 7:39 PM Page v vi Contents Chapter 7 Islay: The Deaf American Novel 121 Chapter 8 Poetry 147 Chapter 9 From Orature to Literature: The New Permanence of ASL Literature 173 Chapter 10 Conclusion 201 Index 207 975 Gup DAL FM 7/17/00 7:39 PM Page vi ...


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