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TIME LINE: PRIME-TIME NETWORK DOCTOR SERIES 1950s City Hospital (CBS, drama, 1951–53) Diagnosis: Unknown (CBS, drama, 1959) The Doctor (NBC, drama, 1952–53) The Donna Reed Show (ABC, comedy, 1958–66) Hennesey (CBS, comedy, 1959–62) King’s Row (ABC, drama, 1955–56) Medic (NBC, drama, 1954–56) 1960s Ben Casey (ABC, drama, 1961–66) Bold Ones/The Doctors (NBC, drama, 1969) The Breaking Point (ABC, drama, 1963–64) Dr. Kildare (NBC, drama, 1961–66) The Eleventh Hour (NBC, drama, 1962–64) The Fugitive (ABC, drama, 1963–67) Julia (NBC, comedy, 1968–71) Marcus Welby, M.D. (ABC, drama, 1969–76) Medical Center (CBS, drama, 1969–76) The Nurses (CBS, drama, 1962–65) Tom, Dick, and Mary (NBC, comedy, 1964) 399 A doctor show is a program in which a major continuing character is a physician whose treatment of patients is a central continuing aspect of the program. 1970s A.E.S. Hudson Street (ABC, comedy, 1977–78) The Bob Crane Show (NBC, comedy, 1975) Code R (CBS, drama, 1977) Doc (CBS, comedy, 1975–76) Doc Elliot (ABC, drama, 1973) Doctors Hospital (NBC, drama, 1975–76) Doctors’ Private Lives (ABC, miniseries, 1978) Emergency! (NBC, drama, 1972–79) House Calls (CBS, comedy, 1979–82) The Interns (CBS, drama, 1970–71) The Lazarus Syndrome (ABC, drama, 1979) Little People (NBC, comedy, 1972–74) M*A*S*H (CBS, drama/comedy, 1972–83) Matt Lincoln (ABC, drama, 1970–71) M.D. (ABC, drama, 1978) Medical Story (NBC, drama, 1975) The Practice (NBC, comedy, 1976–77) The Psychiatrist (NBC, drama, 1971) Quincy, M.E. (NBC, drama, 1976–83) Rafferty (CBS, drama, 1977) Temperatures Rising (ABC, comedy, 1972–74) Trapper John, M.D. (CBS, drama, 1979–86) Westside Medical (ABC, drama, 1977) 1980s AfterM*A*S*H (CBS, comedy, 1983–84) Buck James (ABC, drama, 1987–88) Chicago Story (NBC, drama, 1982) China Beach (ABC, drama, 1988–91) The Cosby Show (NBC, comedy, 1984–92) Cutter to Houston (CBS, drama, 1983) Doctor, Doctor (ABC, comedy, 1989–93) Doogie Howser, M.D. (ABC, comedy, 1989–93) Empty Nest (NBC, comedy, 1988–95) E/R (CBS, comedy, 1984–85) Growing Pains (ABC, comedy, 1985–92) Heartbeat (ABC, drama, 1988–89) 400 | TIME LINE It Takes Two (ABC, comedy, 1982–83) Kay O’Brien (CBS, drama, 1986) Nurse (CBS, drama, 1981–82) Ryan’s Four (ABC, drama, 1983) St. Elsewhere (NBC, drama, 1982–88) Trauma Center (ABC, drama, 1983) 1990s Becker (CBS, comedy, 1998–2004) C. Everett Koop, M.D. (USA, miniseries, 1991) Chicago Hope (CBS, drama, 1994–2000) Diagnosis Murder (CBS, drama, 1993–2001) Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (CBS, drama, 1993–98) ER (NBC, drama, 1994–2009) Going to Extremes (USA, drama, 1992–93) The Human Factor (CBS, drama, 1991–92) L.A. Doctors (CBS, drama, 1998–99) Law and Order: Special Victims Unit (NBC, 1999–present) Northern Exposure (CBS, drama, 1990–95) Nurses (NBC, comedy, 1991–94) Picket Fences (CBS, drama, 1992–96) Providence (NBC, drama, 1999–2002) Sherman Oaks (Showtime, comedy, 1995–97) Third Watch (NBC, drama, 1999–2005) University Hospital (USA, drama, 1995) 2000s Autopsy (HBO, reality, 2009) Big Medicine (TLC, reality, 2007–present) Body of Evidence (truTV, reality, 2002) Bones (FOX, drama, 2005–present) Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew (VH1, reality, 2008) City of Angels (CBS, drama, 2000) Code Blue (TLC, reality, 2002) The Critical Hour (Discovery Health, reality, 2003) Crossing Jordan (NBC, drama, 2002–7) CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CBS, drama, 2000–present) CSI: Miami (CBS, drama, 2002–present) Time Line | 401 CSI: NY (CBS, drama, 2004–present) Deliver Me (Discovery Health, reality, 2008–present) Doc (PAX, drama, 2001–4) Doctors without Borders (National Geographic, reality, 2003) Dr. 90210 (E! reality, 2004–present) Dr. Vegas (CBS, drama, 2004–5) Everwood (WB, drama, 2002–6) Extreme Makeover (ABC, reality, 2002–5) Gideon’s Crossing (ABC, drama, 2000–2001) Grey’s Anatomy (ABC, drama, 2005–present) Inconceivable (NBC, drama, 2005) HawthoRNe (TNT, drama, 2009) Heartland (TNT, drama, 2007) Hopkins 24/7 (ABC, documentary, 2000) House (FOX, drama, 2004–present) Law and Order: Criminal Intent (NBC, drama, 2001–present) MDs (ABC, drama, 2002) Medical Investigation (NBC, drama, 2004–5) Mental (FOX, drama, 2009) Mercy (NBC, drama, 2009) Miracle Workers (ABC, reality, 2006–present) Mystery Diagnosis (Discovery Health, reality, 2005–present) NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service (CBS, drama, 2003–present) Nip/Tuck (FX, drama, 2003–present) Nurse Jackie (Showtime, comedy, 2009–present) Paramedics (TLC, reality, 2001) Plastic Surgery: Before and After (Discovery Health, reality, 2002–6) Presidio Med (CBS, drama, 2002–3) Private Practice...