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BIBLIOGRAPHY MANUSCRIPT COLLECTIONS Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library, Abilene, Kansas Ralph A. Tudor Papers White House Central Files Charles F. Willis Jr. Papers Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Washington, D.C. Federal Power Commission, Project Nos. 1971, 2132, 2133 (FERC Accession Nos. 138–88–006 and 58–A-161) Idaho Department of Fish and Game, Boise Fish and Game Commission Minutes, Director’s O‹ce Idaho Wildlife Review, vols. 1–10 (1948–58), Information and Education Bureau, Headquarters Building Natural Resources Policy Bureau Archives, Headquarters Building Idaho State Historical Society, Library and Archives, Boise Attorney General’s O‹ce Papers (Accession No. AR 4) Robert Ailshie, 1947 Robert E. Smylie, 1947–54 Graydon W. Smith, 1955–58 Governor’s O‹ce Papers C. A. Robins MD, 1947–50 (Accession No. AR 2/22) Len B. Jordan, 1951–54 (Accession No. AR 2/23) Robert E. Smylie, 1955–58 (Accession No. AR 2/24) Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Hydroelectric Licensing Coordinator Archives, Portland Library, Clackamas Oregon Fish Commission Archives, Clackamas 261 Oregon Secretary of State, Archives Division, Salem Department of Justice/Attorney General Papers Robert Y. Thornton, 1950–58 (Accession No. 69A-073/002) Governor’s O‹ce Papers Douglas McKay, 1948–52 Paul L. Patterson, 1952–56 Elmo E. Smith, 1956 Robert D. Holmes, 1956–58 Harry S. Truman Presidential Library, Independence, Missouri O‹cial File, Truman Papers United States District Court for the District of Idaho, Federal Building, Boise Nez Perce Tribe v. Idaho Power Company, CV 91–0517, court files University of Washington Libraries, Manuscripts, Special Collections and University Archives, Seattle Columbia Basin Inter-Agency Committee Papers NEWSPAPERS High Country News, Paonia, Colorado Idaho Daily Statesman, Boise New York Times Oregon Journal, Portland Oregonian, Portland GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS City of Tacoma, 10 FPC 424 (1951). Cleaver, Fred. C., ed. Fisheries Statistics of Oregon. Contribution No. 16. Fish Commission of Oregon, 1951. Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission. The Mitchell Act: An Analysis by CRITFC. Portland, Oregon (June 1981). Federal Power Commission. Annual Reports. 1947–53. Gladson, Jim, Randy Henry, and Pat Wray. “Fish and Wildlife Management, 1893–1993: the Past, the Present, the Future.” Oregon Wildlife 49 (Spring 1993): 4–21. Gooding, Don, and Les Hatch, eds. The Salmon Crisis. Washington Department of Fisheries, 1949. Haas, James B. Fishery Problems Associated with Brownlee, Oxbow, and Hells 262 BIBLIOGRAPHY Canyon Dams on the Middle Snake River. Investigational Report No. 4. Fish Commission of Oregon (1965). Hauck, Forrest. “Chinook Arrive in Average Run.” Idaho Wildlife Review 1 (October 1948):6. Idaho Power Company, 14 F.P.C. 55 (1955). McKernan, Donald L. “Fisheries Problems Arising from the Construction of Ice Harbor Dam.” Fish Commission of Oregon Processed Reports: Administrative, 1951–53, no. 8, n.d. National Hells Canyon Association v. Federal Power Commission, 237 F.2d 777 (D.C. Cir. 1956), cert. denied, 353 U.S. 924 (1957). Norwood, Gus. Columbia River Power for the People: A History of the Policies of the Bonneville Power Administration. Portland: Bonneville Power Administration, 1980. Oregon State University Extension Service. A Snapshot of Salmon in Oregon, EM 8722 (1998). Pacific Northwest Power Co./Washington Public Power Supply System, 31 F.P.C. 247 (1964). Portland General Electric Company, 10 F.P.C. 445 (1951). Public Papers of the President: Harry S. Truman, 1946–1951. Washington, D.C.: Government Printing O‹ce, 1962–65. “Report of the Master Fish Warden.” Oregon Fish Commission Biennial Report: 1947. Secretary of State. Idaho Blue Book: 1987–1988. Boise: Secretary of State, 1989. Secretary of State. Idaho Blue Book: 1995–1996. Boise: Secretary of State, 1996. “Spawning Operation Aids in Restoring Idaho Salmon Runs.” Idaho Wildlife Review 2 (August–September 1950): 15. Springer, Vera. Power and the Pacific Northwest: A History of the Bonneville Power Administration. Portland, Ore.: Bonneville Power Administration, 1976. “Steelhead Utilize Fish Ladder,” Idaho Wildlife Review 2 (June–July 1950): 11. Udall v. Federal Power Commission, 387 U.S. 428 (1967). United States Congress. Congressional Record, vols. 95–96. 81st Congress, 2d Session, 1950. United States House of Representatives. Army Corps of Engineers Review Report: Columbia and Snake Rivers. 81st Congress, 2d Session, 1950. House Doc. No. 531. United States House of Representatives. Bureau of Reclamation Comprehensive Plan: Columbia and Snake River Basins. 81st Congress, 2d Session, 1950. House Doc. No. 473. BIBLIOGRAPHY 263 Walsh, Clark. “‘The Good Old Days’: A Review of Game and Fish Administration in Oregon.” Oregon State Game Commission Bulletin 14 (December 1959): 3–8 and (February 1960): 3–7...


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