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xvii Acknowledgments i want to express my gratitude to all the people who made this book possible. Old friends among the Indian people have taught me important lessons. Sadly, many are now gone, including Quentin Markishtum, Charlie Peterson, and Bruce Wilkie. But Ed Claplanhoo is still with us, and I thank him for the many kindnesses he and his wife, Thelma, have shown me. I also greatly appreciate the hospitality and friendship of Ed Dahle and his wife, Donna. Ed has unfortunately passed away, but Donna carries on. Special mention is due Joe and Charlene Alden, who made me welcome in their home on the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation; and thanks to their children as well, who put up with my intrusion into their lives. I also extend thanks to the wonderful people on the Northern Cheyenne reservation who opened their lives to me and to my camera. The warm-hearted Colvilles, Arapahos, Lummis, and Mille Lacs have my gratitude for teaching me the truths about Indian life. But it is the Makahs who have taken me into their hearts and shown me the meaning of the word tribe. They hold a special place in my life and in this book. I thank Beth Fuget and Marianne Keddington-Lang of the University of Washington Press for their patience and helpfulness in shepherding this book from manuscript to publication, and particularly Julie Van Pelt, whose editing brought the book into sharp focus. Anonymous readers made critical comments that helped me convert my original, flawed manuscript into a much improved work. A great debt is owed to xviii acknowledgments my law partners—Steve Chestnut, Marc Slonim, and Rich Berley—for reading the manuscript and offering helpful suggestions. In the largest sense, there are two people who enabled me to enjoy the wonderful career I have had: Lawrence M. Friedman, my classmate at the University of Chicago Law School, who extended kindness and generosity that helped lead me through the thicket of law courses and enabled me to pursue a career in law, and my devoted wife, Lennie, who sustained me and gave me her unconditional love during the most daunting periods of my life. It was she who often urged me to write about my experiences, seconded by a lawyer in my firm, Brian Gruber . Without these promptings, this memoir would probably never have been written. a lawyer in indian country ...


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