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Contents Foreword: The Names and Repetitions of Postcolonial History vii Dipesh Chakrabarty Acknowledgements xix Contributors xxi Note on Transliteration and Referencing xxiv Introduction The Allure of Ambiguity: The “West” and the Making of Thai Identities 1 Rachel V. Harrison 1. The Ambiguities of Semicolonial Power in Thailand 37 Peter A. Jackson 2. An Ambiguous Intimacy: Farang as Siamese Occidentalism 57 Pattana Kitiarsa 3. Competitive Colonialisms: Siam and the Malay Muslim South 75 Tamara Loos 4. Mind the Gap: (En)countering the West and the Making of 93 Thai Identities on Film Rachel V. Harrison 5. Blissfully Whose? Jungle Pleasures, Ultra-modernist Cinema 119 and the Cosmopolitan Thai Auteur May Adadol Ingawanij and Richard Lowell MacDonald 6. Coming to Terms with the West: Intellectual Strategies of 135 Bifurcation and Post-Westernism in Siam Thongchai Winichakul vi Contents 7. Wathakam: The Thai Appropriation of Foucault’s “Discourse” 153 Thanes Wongyannava 8. The Conceptual Allure of the West: Dilemmas and Ambiguities of 173 Crypto-Colonialism in Thailand Michael Herzfeld Afterword: Postcolonial Theories and Thai Semicolonial Hybridities 187 Peter A. Jackson Notes 207 Bibliography 223 ...