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Yahweh (Hebrew n.): Term designating God in the Hebrew scriptures . The Jewish people came to believe that they were enjoined from speaking or writing the holy name of God (see Exodus 3 and 20). The word “Yahweh” renders “YHWH”—a transliteration of the set of four letters (sometimes referred to as the “tetragrammaton ”) used by ancient biblical writers to designate the One they recognized as the Creator and the Author of the Covenant. (As introduced in the first Exodus passage noted above,“YHWH” is connected with the Hebrew verb hayah, which means “to be”; thus arguably there is a deep affinity between the biblical Yahweh , the “I AM” who sends forth Moses, and Aquinas’s philosophically conditioned expression for God, namely,“Subsisting Being Itself” [Latin Ipsum Esse Subsistens].) 299 Y Carlson-05UZ_Layout 1 11/7/11 1:43 PM Page 299 Carlson-05UZ_Layout 1 11/7/11 1:43 PM Page 300 ...


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