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qua (prep., from Latin qua, for “in which” or “as which”): As, just as, or just insofar as. (See absolutely (1).) quality (n.): (1) One of the nine categories of accident identified by the tradition of Aristotle. This category includes aspects of reality that are available to the external senses (i.e., color, sound, taste, smell, or feel), as well as other aspects analogously related to these—e.g., intellectual knowledge , which, as a type of reality, is a potential quality of the rational soul. (2) In common usage, “quality” can refer to any accident of a being; in this latter sense the term is synonymous with everyday words such as “attribute” and “feature,”and it functions irrespective of the Aristotelian category into which the accident in question falls.Also:“qualitative”(adj.), “qualitatively” (adv.). quantification (n.): See discussion under x (as a logical symbol). quantity (n.): One of the nine categories of accident identified by the tradition of Aristotle. This category includes features of physical reality such as divisibility into parts and measurability. (Note: Although in concrete cases quantity is always bound up with sensible features, when the mind develops properly mathematical concepts [e.g., number, line, or triangularity], it abstracts from “sensible” matter altogether and focuses on “intelligible” matter. See degrees or orders of abstraction.) Also: 229 Q Carlson-04PT_Layout 1 11/7/11 1:43 PM Page 229 “quantitative” (adj.), “quantitatively ” (adv.). quia (Latin conjunction): See the discussion under demonstration. quiddity (n.): See essence. quintessence (n.): See the discussion under everlasting. quod est vs. quo est: Latin expressions marking the metaphysical distinction between “what is” and “that by which it is.”Substance is a primary instance of “what is.”Substantial form is “that by which” a being is a substance as well as an instance of a particular natural kind. Existence (2) is “that by which” any being, substantial or accidental, is, absolutely. 230 quia Carlson-04PT_Layout 1 11/7/11 1:43 PM Page 230 ...


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