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Contents Acknowledgments vii Introduction ix I The Origins of Civil Society 1 Civil Society and the Classical Heritage 1 The Danger of Private Interest 4 The Mixed Polity 9 Civil Society and the Res Publica 19 2 Civil Society and the Christian Commonwealth 28 Pride, Faith, and the State 30 The Christian Commonwealth 39 Early Fractures 49 3 Civil Society and the Transition to Modernity 55 Virtue and Power 57 Civil Society and the Liberated Conscience 62 Sovereignty, Interest, and Civil Society 70 II Civil Society and Modernity 4 The Rise of “Economic Man” 83 Rights, Law, and Protected Spheres 84 The Moral Foundations of Civil Society 91 The Emergence of Bourgeois Civil Society 96 5 Civil Society and the State 109 Civil Society and the Ethical Commonwealth 110 The “Giant Broom” 118 The “System of Needs” 121 The Politics of Social Revolution 132 v vi | Contents 6 Civil Society and Intermediate Organizations 144 The Aristocratic Republic Civil Society and Community The Customs of Civil Society American Lessons III Civil Society in Contemporary Life 7 Civil Society and Communism Totalitarianism The “Self-Limiting” Revolution The Limits Are Reached 8 Civil Society and Capitalism Pluralist Foundations The Commodified Public Sphere Dreams of Renewal 9 Civil Society and Democratic Politics Notes Bibliography Index About the Author 145 149 157 160 173 174 186 192 199 201 208 224 233 251 271 281 285 ...


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