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Contents Acknowledgments ix Introduction 1 Part I: Visionary Pansophism and the Narrativity of the Divine 27 Chapter 1. Narrative Trajectory of the Self-Manifesting Divine 31 1.1. Boehme’s Six-Stage Narrative 32 1.2. Narrative Teleology: Narrative Codes 50 1.3. Trinitarian Configuration of Ontotheological Narrative 52 Chapter 2. Discursive Contexts of Boehme’s Visionary Narrative 57 2.1. Alchemy as Discursive Context and its Sublation 58 2.2. Narrative Deconstitution of Negative Theology 69 Part II: Metalepsis Unbounding 83 Chapter 3. Nondistinctive Swerves: Boehme’s Recapitulation of Minority Pre-Reformation and Post-Reformation Traditions 87 Chapter 4. Distinctive Swerves: Toward Metalepsis 103 4.1. Distinctive Individual Hermeneutic and Theological Swerves 104 4.2. Narrative Swerve: Metalepsis 115 Chapter 5. Boehme’s Visionary Discourse and the Limits of Metalepsis 129 vii Part III: Valentinianism and Valentinian Enlisting of Non-Valentinian Narrative Discourses 141 Chapter 6. Boehme’s Discourse and Valentinian Narrative Grammar 147 6.1. Toward Geneology 156 Chapter 7. Apocalyptic in Boehme’s Discourse and its Valentinian Enlisting 161 7.1. Apocalyptic Inscription and Distention 169 Chapter 8. Neoplatonism in Boehme’s Discourse and its Valentinian Enlisting 177 8.1. Valentinian Enlisting of Neoplatonic Narrative 187 Chapter 9. Kabbalah in Boehme’s Discourse and its Valentinian Enlisting 193 9.1. Valentinian Enlisting of the Kabbalah 205 Conclusion: Genealogical Preface 211 Notes 225 Index 277 viii Contents ...


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