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List of Photographs 1 Players of one-stringed bowed lutes from northern Ghana. 2 A Hausa trader playing the garaya two-stringed plucked lute. 3 An old cotton gin still in operation at Lula in the Mississippi Delta. 4 Chipendani (mouth-resonated musical bow) played by a Mozambiquan migrant laborer. 5 Appalachian-mountains-type mouth-bow. 6 Mono-idiochord zither made from a raffia stalk. 7 African-American monochord zither ("jitterbug") with the string mounted on the wall of a house. 8 The great Limited Mfundo, Chimarjanja speaking minstrel. 9a and b Two shots of Daniel Kachamba performing at a dance party. 10 Blind Lemon Jefferson. 11 Bukka White. 12 Fife and drum music played at a picnic near Senatobia, Mississippi. 13 The persistence of the banjo and fiddle combination in the blues era. 14 The notorious slave house on the He de Goree (Goree Island) near Dakar, Senegal. 15 "Mississippi Matilda" Powell. 16 Robert Belfour, who developed his music within the cultural mold of Delta blues musicians. 17 The court music ensemble of the Lamido (Ful6e ruler) of Toungo, northeastern Nigeria. xi i8 Napoleon Strickland playing harmonica with the technique of "cupping" the ear. i9a and b Baba Chale, 60, playing the nyanga (panpipe) as a soloist. 20 Sid Hemphill playing the quills (panpipes). 21 Functional polyphony in a Mozambiquan three-drum ensemble. 22 Mose Vinson (b. 1917). 23 The Kutin musicians playing their double-bells (toyito). 24 The type of banjo played in Yaounde by rock/twist and highlife soloist Desire. 25 Clarence 'Tops" Davis playing a one-string bass made from a washtub. 26a and b Ground-bow (korongwe) played by a boy of the GbayaBokoto ethnic group. 27 The kwela band of Daniel Kachamba and His Brothers. 28 Fourteen-year-old Donald Kachamba with his kwela flute. 29 Johnny Mekoa (trumpet) and Victor Ndlazilwane (tenor saxophone) of The Jazz Ministers. 30 Xhosa singer Miriam Makeba with her group during a concert in Vienna. ?i Ali Farka Toure as shown on the cover of his first album. List of Photographs xii ...


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