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List of Examples 1 Text of one of Limited Mfundo's songs: "Kwa chaGoma!" 2 Text of "Death Room Blues," by Blind Willie McTell. 3 Daniel Kachamba's song about his own funeral, "Maliro a Kachamba." 4 Text of "See That My Grave Is Kept Clean," by Blind Lemon Jefferson. 5 Bukka White, "Fixin' to Die Blues." 6 The text of "Canned Heat Blues," by John Henry "Bubba" Brown. 7 "Baba ol'odo" (Father of the river)—Yoruba story song showing three-line strophic form structurally comparable to the i2-bar blues. 8 Melodic lines of a grinding song by a Tikar woman from Central Cameroon (transcription). 9 Vocal line with text of the first stanza of Mississippi Matilda's "Hard Working Woman" (transcription). 10 Passage from "Two Jim Blues" by George Lewis (transcription). 11 Ed Bell (vocal and guitar), "Mean Conductor Blues" (transcription). 12 Blend of western Sudanic and blues scalar patterns through jazz influence in Nigerian highlife: the start of the saxophone solo in "Sere fun mi baby" by Roy Chicago (transcription). 13 The vocal part of Daniel Kachamba's "Chipiloni chanjamile" (transcription). vii This page intentionally left blank ...


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